Report: New Nintendo Switch Model Coming In 2019

Report: New Nintendo Switch Model Coming In 2019

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo will be introducing a new version of its popular Switch console next year.

The report says that the move comes as Nintendo hopes to boost sales momentum of the Switch, which has dropped off since its meteoric launch. It’s claimed that this new model would “likely share many features with the current version and be compatible with existing Switch game software.”

It also says that Nintendo “is still debating what new hardware and software features to include in the upgrade”, with one option on the table being an upgraded screen, closer to those found in “more recent smartphone LCDs”, which would “make it brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient”.

You can read the full report here (WSJ login required).


  • Mm, I was hoping to get a switch at boxing day sales after smash bros comes out to play with mates.
    Do I wait for the new switch and miss out smash bros with mates for the first few long months or just go straight in…. Uhh!!

  • I’d be on board for a slightly cheaper handheld only version. Unlikely I know, but the price point is still a little high for me given the games generally are more expensive compared to PS4.

    • I’m personally hoping for a cheaper home only console, as the portability isn’t really helpful to me as there is no public transport in my area (I have to drive for my commute.)

      However, whatever this new model is, it better be cheaper than normal.

      • Honestly I feel like they should split it to individual consoles. Make a version of the switch that’s dedicated portable and a home console version.
        Each could be a lot cheaper and a lot better at each thing than the current switch (jack of all trades, master of none type deal).

      • That’s actually a much better idea! I really just want a means to be able to play the exclusives – a cheaper box only option would be perfect.

  • Doubled performance with 1080p screens while keeping at least the same battery life (preferably better) and I’d actually be interested in a switch.
    The current price for what it delivers for me seems pretty garbage. (emphasis on FOR ME, before people start getting defensive)

    • I don’t think the resolution is as big a deal as people make it out to be on the Switch – performance is however, and would certainly welcome a faster model myself.

    • That’s because it is garbage at the current price point.

      You have very few “exclusives” that are just rehashes of the same old franchises coupled with a bazillion ports and indie games. It has very mediocre specs and build quality. Completely plastic flimsy design and a very mediocre screen considering what we have in tablets and smartphones these days.

      With games like RDR2 landing soon the Switch can’t keep up.

      • But it’s not designed for games like R2R2. Even with a hardware refresh it’s never going to have the power to give you that kind of experience in a hand held.

        What it does do, it does very well but it’s never going to have the power of a ps4 in a handheld.

        Totally agree with the screen comment. It’s nice, but not a patch on what I have in my note8 – which was almost 3x the price on launch.

    • The res when you’re going handheld is fine. You can’t see any pixels at all. Performance could definitely get a pep up though.

      Basically though, unless you’re specifically interested in some of their games, it’s not for you. And if you want to play those games, you’d already have one. So I don’t think you’re missing out on anything.

      • Ehh as someone who only plays right now on a GTX 1080 PC with a high resolution screen i think the 720p screen would bother me, from what little I’ve seen in person it did look kinda pixel-y.

        I think you are pretty much right there though. Unless im very specifically interested in their first party games its probably not for me (right now). I do like the look of zelda on there but i have never played a zelda game in my life so its not some burning desire to play like it would be for others. Plus im burnt out on mario sadly.
        Its just that i have a near 2 hour commute each way to go to uni (though fortunately only 2 days a week now) and i want something to do, so the idea of a switch is fantastic but in practice what it currently is doesn’t really interest me.
        Thats why i want the doubled power so that they could have more AAA titles like has started with DOOM and such. Because there are some first party things im interested in but if they could add some more big name games it would give me a lot more to play.

  • Once they start selling a switch for $299 ill go out an buy one. But at its current price point its not worth the money.

  • I wish they would change the screen from plastic to glass – the first thing i did with mine was get a tempered glass screen protector. It feels so much nicer to use and plastic scratches soooo easily.

    • Hell yes. I don’t know how anyone could not use a protector, especially how it docks. I did exactly the same.

      I wish the screen was brighter. And my hands get numb after about 15mins of playing in bed. Apart from that I think it’s a very nice product.

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