'Retrogame Roadshow' Highlights Rare Gaming Collectibles

At the Portland Retro Gaming Expo last weekend, I teamed up with my friends Frank Cifaldi and Steve Lin of the Video Game History Foundation to present the Retrogame Roadshow panel, where audience members could get their collectibles evaluated.

What resulted was a fun 45 minutes of chat about the game collecting world, all centered around four really cool items: a Nintendo Game & Watch handheld; an early Texas Instruments portable computer; a developer version of the PlayStation 2 console; and, most spectacularly, a Sonic The Hedgehog denim jacket that was an internal Sega employee item.

What are these items worth, and what can they tell us about the state of collecting today? It’s all in the video.


    Sold! Love this kinda biz. I'm gonna go get me some Pizza Shapes and watch this shit right now.
    I've got a developer Xbox console (pre-release model with with the XBX dev kit). I hope that price check is in there.

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