Rimworld, As Told By Steam Reviews

Rimworld was officially released last week after being in early access for five years. All these years, players on Steam have been sharing their wild stories in their Steam reviews.

I love games like Dwarf Fortress, so Rimworld has already stolen a lot of my time. It’s management sim where you build a base on a hostile world, making sure your colonists have enough food and defences from animals, the harsh weather, aliens, and other people who want to murder you.

If you want to know how this usually works out, often in the winter I let a colonist die and resort to cannibalism.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out these Steam reviews:

You can check out more reviews for Rimworld here, or read our ongoing “As Told By Steam Reviews” feature here.


    Man, haven't played this in like... two years. Might be worth a re-visit to see how it's all shaken out with a proper 'release'. (After finishing Odyssey, Spider-man DLC, and RDR2, that is.)

    Honestly one of the best games ever.
    Would be a goty contender if it wasnt so available in early access.

    Had access to this from the very beginning, and yes its not that bad, but to have options to play that type of game the way you want to play it would be good as well, from the people who actually designed it, mods are not that reliable at the moment (I mean send me to a planet that isn't infested by enemies)

    Love this. Reading those reviews reminded me just how epic the emergent game play for this game is. It doesn't just happen in the occasional game, either. Every game has multiple instances of meaningful narrative like the ones described. Admittedly, the story is built in the imagination of the player, but it's still a remarkable system that can create such believable stories.

      Yeah, the beauty of the systems I think is that the story emerges in your mind with out you feeling like the game put it there.

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