This Isn't Half Bad For An Affordable Gaming PC [Update!]

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If you're looking to get a gaming PC for the first time, this isn't a bad place to start.

Update: The original deal has ended, but Techfast have another deal on a Ryzen 5 pre-built RIG with a GTX 1060 6GB for just under $800 when you use the P5OFF checkout code. You don't get the 1TB second storage drive, however, and you'll still want to upgrade the RAM to at least 16GB down the road. Check it out here.

Techfast has a neat pre-built Ryzen system for sale through their eBay store right now. For $799, you can pick up a Ryzen 5 2600 system with a RX 580 8GB GPU, 120GB SSD/1TB SATA of storage, and 8GB of RAM for $799.

It's a good start for a gaming rig. The Ryzen 5 2600 is a great bang-for-buck CPU, and some extra investment around Christmas in some more RAM will make it a nice well-rounded gaming PC.

There's also a separate $999 bundle that comes with a 27" AOC 2700SWH monitor if you don't have one already. That in and of itself is not a bargain - you can pick up 27" AOC IPS monitors for $200 - but getting it in one package is convenient and can save you a bit on shipping. (If you want something with a better refresh rate that's still relatively affordable, this Acer 24.5" 144hz screen is worth a look.)

EBay Plus members will also be able to save a little more, but $799 to get all the base components pre-built is still a decent offering. The six cores should come in handy for productivity tasks as well, if you dabble in that. Head here for all the details.

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    ill stick to my AWS pay as you go system.

      That just makes me think of Amazon web services. Care to elaborate?

          Cheers. Well that would be good in the future. Like the similar services that are going atm. Just a shame about our current internet.

            Do you have NBN? I live in a major city I don't game enough on a PC to warrant buying one out right but I dont have any issues on a line that can handle 50mbps.

              I live in Melbourne and have Optus Cable so my mileage can vary depending on how many people around me are using it. It's usually pretty good and I am happy with it. NBN is rolling out soon (they have been installing it in the street) but they are using the HFC to run it through and from the reports I have seen online it doesn't run as well as the current connection.

              What is your connection? How is the ping with these servers? How's the input lag? Also what quality are we talking streaming? I game on my pc @ 3440x1440 so I don't think it would do well with that. 1080p maybe? I have AWS accounts for some work stuff so it would be cool to try.

    Only 2 USB ports and they are usb2! No thanks!

      And you have to add an operating system, add $149 for Win 10. Not such a bargain really.

    Haven't had AMD since the first computer I built, after leaving school (20 years ago), and will never buy another one again, Intel has just been so much better since then, And I'll never buy an AMD video card as the only one I've seen since then was causing display issues constantly. They seem to have a driver issue more than (and slower updates) nVidia has ever had.

      Kind of weird statement, AMD were consumer CPU king 2001 -2006 and now they're competitive again.

      This is a very changing opinion/option. Especially depending on what you are doing on said PC. The Ryzen's are really a huge step up and AMD have done well with them. I am typing this from an Intel build but considering Ryzen for my next build. Even Intel has been feeling the pressure from AMD lately.

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