Scare Yourself Stupid With Alien: Isolation For $11

It's that time of year again, when people watch horror movies and prepare to shit themselves under the guise of enjoyment. If you are that person, or you've cleverly convinced someone to go on this journey with you, I have the perfect accompaniment: Alien Isolation.

Probably the best thing ever made by Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation is an aural and visual assault on the pants, whether you're running away from pesky androids, shivering in a locker and holding your breath, or just listening to the soundtrack.

The Making of Alien: Isolation

In 2010, a group of Alien fans at Creative Assembly were given the opportunity of a lifetime. making a game set in that iconic sci-fi universe, with the full blessing of franchise owner 20th Century Fox. This wasn’t some non-canon spin-off, but a legitimate part of the Alien series. The result. one of the best horror games of recent years, as well as one of the most faithful film adaptations ever made.

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Alien Isolation's Artificial Intelligence Was Good...Too Good

I stayed perfectly still after they chased me into the air vent. I hadn't heard anything for several minutes. Surely they'd left by now. Crawling out of my hiding spot, I found myself face to face with one of my pursuers. He hadn't moved. He started shouting. Alien: Isolation had broken again.

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While fans wait in hope for a proper Alien: Isolation sequel, Fanatical is selling Isolation with all of the DLC for $11.58. It's priced just over $12 off the bat, but if you use the SCREAM666 code, you'll get an extra discount:

Not too shabby. So if you're not checking out PAX this weekend, and you're staving off Red Dead and the Fallout 76 beta, here's a great way to spook up your weekend. Don't forget to not breathe! Seriously. You don't want that Alien finding you.

The deal lasts for another 6 days, so to check it head here.

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    Such a great game. Well, two-thirds of it, anyway, gets a bit meh at the end. But well worth it.

    Also on sale on PSN at the moment for $10.45 or $14.95 with all the DLC.

      I can't actually play the game. Not because I get scared, purely because the fov make me feel very very ill. I tried using the slider to adjust it, but nothing helped.

        Man that sucks. I used to get that in EVERY first person game. Not so bad these days but I do get it from time to time. Not always even in first person games - I couldn't play Sleeping Dogs because 15 minutes was enough to make me want to throw up.

          15 minutes at a time is how I had to play portal 1 and 2.

    Speaking of Fanatical, @Alexwalker what's the go on that bundle competition? Did I miss the article on the winners or has that yet to happen?

      The winners have already been contacted, although there's a slight issue in that we can't openly reveal who they are - we're allowed to share their names with Fanatical so they can get their keys, but GDPR prevents us from disclosing those names publicly. So we could share the winning entries, but we couldn't tell you who won.

      Bit weird, but GDPR has made many things weird across a lot of things.

        Ah okay, fair enough. Never mind, I like seeing the creativity of the entries but I suppose that'd be pretty limited with only 25 words anyway (or too personal in some cases? I dunno). All good, thanks mate!

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