Tkm20xx was close enough yesterday: the game was Dragon Quest Heroes, but the leaf was identical so I'm happy to award it.

Let's see how you go with today's game!

Good luck!


    Looks familiar but that could be because it also looks a lot like every cross-shaped scar borne by an anime character ever.

      There’s something extremely familiar about this one.

    Honestly it looks like a mirrored version of Zarya's scar but I could be wrong

      I think you're right. It definitely fits from Overwatch.

    Red dead redemption's dead eye marker

      I just want to say for the record, I guessed this yesterday. I'm just that good, I guessed a picture that hadn't even been drawn yet, a day in advance. But you can give the prize to LeakproofSalmon, because I'm just a nice guy.

      Also, tomorrow's picture will be the Hunt for Red October, again.

    I'm gonna throw it out there and say it's a reverse of the Dracula X logo.

    Red Dead Revolver, for no real reason

    Going to guess ff7. Clouds cross slash?

    It looks very much like the X that appears on the map in Monster Hunter World while you're trying to chase down monsters?

    Looks like the X on the map from Sea Of Thieves.

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