Red Dead Redemption was yesterday's game. Nice work LeakproofSalmon, and also a small clap for Zombie Jesus for guessing the game a day in advance.

Now, let's see how you go today.

Good luck!


    That looks very much like something I'd create in Spore.

    I guessed yesterday that this would be the Hunt for Red October, so I can only assume that's what it is.

    Tomorrow's game will be the Sega classic, Spy vs Spy.

      They do scribbletaku's on Saturdays now?

        Shit, I wasn't supposed to let that outside the elite winners club. Disregard.

          Too late.

          The Order have has been consulted and I am under instruction to render upon you your punishment.

          For the next month you are forbidden ..... to guess The Hunt for Red October.

    Electroplankton? Or possibly the smash level Hanenbow that was based on it?

    It looks like the talent tree for Dota 2

      If only you could chose both talents for every level :p

    Looks like the "DNA" tree from Ancient Babylon or Mesopotamia.

    Oh um it's that musical game where those leaf things light up and play a sound when you touch them, can't remember what it's called though.

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