The last ScribbleTaku might have been a bit too hard, particularly since it was a board game. It was one of the tiles from Azul, which was hugely popular at PAX.

Let's go with something a little more familiar today. I think you'll get this one.

Good luck!


    Looks like the NES zappers skeet shooting. Or I believe it was called "Clay Shooting". Don't know if it was exclusive to it but I always saw it as game C of the duck hunt game

    Last edited 31/10/18 2:50 pm

    Fantasy Zone?

    I don't know why I think that actually...

    I was going with moon patrol too, but hoi_polloi beat me to it, dammit. Stupid no phones in the operating theatre rules...

      What They don't want you to know is that its more a guideline than a rule...

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