Six Amazing Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

Six Amazing Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

The vastness of Red Dead Redemption 2’s world has less to do with the size of its map and more about the zoomed in minute details littered throughout the world. They all add up to something that bugs me out and almost makes me forget that I’m playing a video game.

I’ve made a video about some of the details that amazed me in my early hours with the game. You can watch or you can read about them below.

First there’s the hair and grime that shows up on the lead character, Arthur Morgan. And if you don’t keep his facial hair trimmed and pay a regular visit to a town barber, the head on his hair and face will just continue to grow. That’s perfect for anybody going for that grizzly unkempt vibe. I make it a point to shower at a local inn and buy some hair pomade because I’m trying to dress for success out here.

Another thing I noticed is that you can pretty much interact with anybody, usually in one of two ways: “greet” or “antagonize.” I once waltzed over to the winner of a duel in town and accepted his challenge. We wound up shooting each other in between the ears.

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is eerily created in accurate detail, from picturesque sunsets to the way in which my horse panicked as I threw us over a steep hill. Low-hanging branches have also knocked me on my arse when riding by on my horse. So keep an eye out for those.

The game recreates weather conditions so well I was uncomfortable watching Arthur walk around the screen as snow melted on his jacket, leaving giant wet spots after we found a warm cabin to explore. Even the way the diffused sunlight leaks through the clouds after a rainstorm and reflects off of the mud is magical.

You can almost smell it all— even the horse poop.

Dialogue is even delivered naturally in ways that make it fun to see your characters interact with one another. I had members of my camp singing songs as we rode into town and even flub the lyrics and react accordingly, laughing and recovering quickly. Even the quiet moments in this game, which there are tons of, are fun to watch.

There are even moments in the game where it feels like your just stumbled upon a real-life Westworld with these characters walking with real purpose. Back at camp it’s fun to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and intimate moments with one another. It’s unreal how real it actually feels.

As much as I can write about this all day, take five minutes to watch the video above to see some of it in action. It’s truly worth it, and, trust me, there’s a million more things still to discover on your own.