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    New Day, New TAY!

    In personal news, I'll soon be moving to the nation's capital, and it turns out that even though the NBN map shows almost everywhere as 'NBN available now' when you drill down to any given address it says "More work to go, 6-12 months", which is rather annoying.

    I'm looking at iiNet's ultra VDSL2 which says it gets over 60MBit, so hopefully it actually works and is not a congestion-fest.
    Have to sort out a good power company (the new rental has solar on the roof, which should help reduce the bills I guess) and then pack everything in the house.
    I am not looking forward to trying to get everything in boxes, but am excited about the move. Need to find a new fridge as well.
    Any ACT folks able to give any tips to a happy and healthy life in the little territory?

      I'm in Canberra and on VDSL2, over 60MBit sounds accurate and I can't complain about uploads either. Congestion in my suburb is a non-factor.

      You don't really need tips for Canberra. It's a pretty chill city, nothing is really more than half an hour away and the north side is a slight mess with the light rail construction.

        I'm headed for the North side, I did notice the light rail shenanigans when I was looking at rentals. Glad to hear that the speeds are accurate, I get around 85MBit down and 38MBit up where I am now, so was really worried about having to drop to ADSL or something slower.
        How are the upload speeds?
        Now to go shopping for a fridge...

          North side, ey?
          I live in Braddon and it's a wonderful suburb. You can walk everywhere, the internet is great, and the nightlife is nice enough (not that I participate).

    10% off ebay today, coupon code is PUMPKIN.
    Must resist....

    Is the Taboola feed messing up comments for anyone else?

      Yep, takes my Adblock 4 attempts and about 8 seconds to fully block them so the page will actually load properly

    I'd like to make one more shameless plug for my youtube channel :P Last one I promise.

    [shameless plug] [/shameless plug]

    Still working on getting it off the ground. Currently updated once or twice a month with a variety of gaming related content and there's more new content planned in the pipeline. Check it out if you're interested.

      A fellow DKC speedrunner! Although, it looks like you're actually good at it. Good to see.

        Yeah that run on my channel was months of work, practicing almost every night. I'm still not entirely happy with it, I made some dumb mistakes and the route can still be further optimised, but I beat the record for that category that is on SDA which was my goal, and I haven't made another attempt since then. The DKC speedrun community was a big help. That NMG category isn't very popular though, most of the other runners run the glitched categories that require earlier revisions of the game.

          I don't think I've ever seen a runner get a PB without immediately criticising some aspects of the run. It's part and parcel of the mentality that drives people to do it.

          I prefer glitchless runs. I once saw a speedrun of DKC2 at AVCON a few years back, the dude was doing this glitch where you pick up a barrel or a cannonball, fuck around with an enemy and it would end the level, and he'd just do this on every level it could. DKC2 being one of my favourite games, it kind of made me mad. I guess I prefer my speedruns being "getting through the content as fast as possible" more than "skipping as much content as possible".

            Cool, hopefully you might like mine then :) I'm aware of all of the various glitches that are used in DKC runs but mine doesn't use any of them. I played on the SNES Classic Mini which has version 1.2 of the game that fixes some of them anyway (so I couldn't use them even if I wanted to). It might be worthwhile just to check out a glitched run though just to see what it's about, the game can be broken in all sorts of weird ways.

            That's the beauty of speedrunning. If you don't like a category, theres usually another. If there isn't, make one and see if it sticks. I prefer glitchless categories myself, but I do check glitched ones out occasionally just to see what people are up to. I recognise that everyone has the same goal of beating the game as fast as possible, its just a matter of what restrictions you prefer.

            Even glitchless though has sub-communities - warpless versus warp runs in SMB for example - so there's usually something to enjoy regardless. Just on that category, even if those that don't like warp runs will recognise the iconic status of the 4:55warp run category.

    AGDQ schedule goes up today. I would very much like to know when the Trauma Center run is because I'm meant to be the person doing that.

      Our lil' mod is gonna be on the big AGDQ screens?
      That's pretty fuckin' cool, as the kids say.

      See if you can get in a shoutout to some of us :)

        I hear they read donation messages out on stream ;)

          Yeah I've donated to a few GDQ's over the years, its just a little nicer coming from the runners themselves :) Not sure I can donate this time, I'm going through either redundancy or a totally new job at work so not sure where my cash reserves will be at, but if I can I will.

          Not the end of the world by any stretch btw, just a BIG decision whether I want to retire early or not. Retiring before 50 is hella tempting...

            Don't worry, I'm planning to give Kotaku a shout out but it is a charity event, got to get into the whole plugging donations thing.

              Have you attended the Australian equivalent? I think it usually runs around July and was in Adelaide this year. It's called ASM (Australian Speedrunning Marathon) and they are also doing an event at PAX this year too. I've never been but it sounds pretty cool.

                I haven't.

                There's ASM which runs at UniSA and AVcon in July (I think I wrote about it for Gizmodo last year?) and [email protected]

                I submitted some runs for the PAX marathon but didn't get in. Still going to spend some time hanging out there.

    I've been enjoying reading comments on this site lately.

    To get here on a typical day, I venture through around four or five pages of leisurely-rendering banners and promos for irrelevant articles. After that I take a chill break for a few moments as a further couple pagefuls of digital junk mail dawdle onto my screen, teleporting me most of the way back to the article. Then I can restart my journey and wade through additional pages of tacky clickbait and pictures of items I purchased last week.

    Sometimes this is all that's needed, other times the teleporting continues for an indefinite period. All I know is I get a sense of pride and accomplishment when the violent screen spasms subside and I'm rewarded with the written opinions of like-minded internet folk.

      It's actually really starting to become a huge issue @alexwalker

        I know. I'm doing what I can. In the interim, keep posting about it - an increased volume of public dissent helps make the strongest case possible. If people don't speak out about something, it's hard to argue that things need to change.

          I know, I just want to make sure you know it is becoming to the point that it's impossible to get to comments. =(
          We don't want you to stop ads, as we know you need them to function, but when they get to the point that we can't enjoy the website and are actively driving people away, it's an issue.

          Hopefully you can get it sorted, cos man it really is awful.

          Seems like a feedback loop to me. Unintrusive ads don't generate enough money so the powers that be throw more ads on there thinking it'll generate more revenue. But ultimately it doesn't, it either drives people away or pushes them to adblock the entire site, so revenue falls, and they try slapping even more ads on there to make up for it. And so the loop continues.

          Please do pass on to whoever is in charge of this: this is not sustainable and you will kill the site by going down this route. If unintrusive ad revenue isn't generating enough income, you need to supplement with other non-ad revenue streams. There have never been more options in that respect, whether it be subs or donations or Patreon or Youtube/Twitch content. Even sponsored articles are less offensive than a wall of advertising.

            Thanks for this. @randomabuse, @scree, @across888 and everyone as well. I know it's not ideal and it's extra time out of your day, but it genuinely helps. And I appreciate the understanding too. But I think it's absolutely possible to find a good balance and also to fine-tune everything so that the algorithm-generated content is genuinely useful. There's a lot of Kotaku articles in there, for instance: but I think more could be done so that they're more timely, more targeted to the topic at hand, things like that.

            It's tricky when a lot of this is out of my control (and it's not like my hands aren't full already). But having that feedback is crucial, as does the appreciation and patience so far. You're all good people.

              Thank you for not ignoring us!
              I will say it's much less of an issue on desktop, but on Mobile, there are times I have given up on even trying to find the comments! I'll get there and then the Taboola feed loads more content and I lose it again. I find it again, Taboola feed loads more content, I lose it. Rinse and repeat.
              We already lost a lot of people to twitter, as it was easier to contact each other. I don't want more abandoning ship =(

                Man, I thought I was going crazy and kept accidentally scrolling past the comments bit. Thanks @alexwalker, I get theres only so much you can do but definitely worth fighting the good fight. Happy to see advertising but it cant get in the way of commenting.

              I don't want to be 'that guy', but I recently broke and enabled an Adblocker for Kotaku AU. I want to support your content, but the damn site becomes unusable without a solid blocker :(.

              Just to add my 2 cents...

              On this page alone, on desktop:

              From the top, there's 4 big picture links in the header, a massive ad for a server box underneath those, a big autoplay video ad and a Taboola feed underneath the article with no less than 6 big link images in it, a massive full-column link image to sponsored content, a "You May Like" section with big link images to sites like Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh, more sponsored link images, link images to some other Kotaku articles, including one that dates back to 2014 (GTA 4 related) and one that dates back to 2011 (Final Fantasy X related) and then I finally get to the comments. Then underneath the comments, MORE ads, MORE sponsored content, more links to Kotaku articles from 2011 (Could Ezio be coming to Soul Calibur?), multiple ads about hearing aids for some reason (my hearing is fine, thank you) and then links to trending partner content.

              On the left side, there's an ad for Stan, a "Latest deals" sections with more links, more sponsored content about British TV shows, another section of trending articles, and a big ad about the Galaxy S9.

              On my dedicated fibre connection, the page actually took a couple of minutes to fully load properly. It honestly looks like a huge mess.

                Oh yeah and I forgot the popup ad for AAMI that obnoxiously appears at the bottom of the screen that needs to be manually closed.

          I don't want to pile this all on you, but if we're having this conversation I've got to point out that you guys are linking to some pretty questionable stuff via Taboola. At least half of what I see in that box appears to be baiting in vulnerable groups for god knows what.
          I mean can anyone working there honestly say they'd be comfortable clicking those links? Online advertising is extremely hard to navigate, you take what you can get or you starve, but I think a line has been crossed.

          On a more positive note there's a big Samsung Galaxy S9 ad next to this text box that I'm 100% fine with. It's annoying in the sense any ad is and Google ads aren't usually relevant to me but if that's the price I'm happy to pay it.

          I use Ad Block and get a minimal number of reasonable ads. I turned it off to see what people are talking about and felt sick. Current ad situation for non-blocking users is appalling

          It is hard to post about it when the act of trying to post is nearly impossible because of the adslaught.

    Saturday night from 7:30
    The Market Hotel
    160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

    Beer garden booked, will upload pics once I get them. All locked in and I have paid the deposit. So every who voted for this better come and spend money

    Directions to the venue, 1 straight line in the same direction as previous years.
    We have the place until around 1am so feel free to come early, late or whatever
    Menu is on the website but will need to advise if everybody is planning on eating dinner there

    A lot of the planning will be via twitter where I have the same username as here. Any questions feel free to post here. All welcome, heads up appreciated so I have a feel for numbers but if you find yourself free on the night drop by

      I will probably get chips, and maybe wings if I can afford it (I'm trying to save!)

        If the Fish and chips are good, I might take mum there another time =P

    Hello from Canada, TAY!

    Just wanted to stop in and mention that Kotaku has gone to shit - I have to scroll 20 gabillionty miles to find the comments on a given article, @Alexwalker.

    I know you all know this, but even for us international visitors its a major pain in my ass. And Alex did say to keep posting complaints, so... complaints!

    I just played Mass Effect for the first time. I love Mass Effect. I don't know why this took me so long.

    In other news, Dungeons 3. Totally scratching my Dungeon Keeper itch, and for $12 for a 1-month humble monthly subscription, it was totally worth it. I don't even care about any other items in the bundle - I already have Overwatch, so if anyone needs a PC key, hit me up!

      Dungeons 3 has been added to the list of humble monthly games I'll get to at some stage*
      Had no interest in Overwatch but then they added hidden folks which I had been thinking could be an interesting game to play with Tiglet.
      But overall not a great month for me but next month looks like a good one to add a bunch of new games to that pile

      * I will not get to them all

        I was in the same boat - already having Overwatch (which I quit playing ages ago), and not really interested in playing the others at all. I was going to give it a miss, but then I remembered how much I enjoyed War for the Overworld, and Dungeons 3 was $44 to buy by itself, so I just went ahead.

        The humour is a bit hit and miss, but I really like what they've done with the under/overworld, and I will probably buy literally anything with Kevan Brighting narrating so... for me at least it's easily worth the $12.

        Also highly tempted to pick up the next month, just to give Hollow Knight a whirl - Hitman might also happen at some point, but I'm gaming on an aging GTX750ti which is probably nearing its last legs so maybe not for a while.

          Next month will be worth it for just hollow knight and hitman for me

    Still working on my costume for PAX.
    I'm also considering trying to get the Soul Calibur 6 Collector's Edition on Xbox One whilst I'm there.

      Ooh, what are you doing?
      I'm still working on Techie's. With me being quite sick this year (will it ever end?), I have managed to make the Zentai suit, making it into two pieces for ease of taking off and on.
      I'm currently working on the glove, which needs to be armoured, but I'm just making the base first. (Cause why buy it when you can just make it, like a nutcase)

    @alexwalker Granted not the most important thing lately what with all the advertising talkback, but the site's dark theme is missing a few bits of theming. Yeah, this is an adblocked screenshot, but the elements are the same without any adblocking too (I double checked).

    The problem CSS are:

    [header .site-header--fixed .page-wrapper-header .page-header] background-color is set to white, should be unspecified or theme-responsive
    [.page-wrapper .main__content .river .sidebar] same as above
    [@media (min-width: 992px) .page-wrapper .main__content .river .posts__post-wrapper] same as above but for border-left. Probably need to check other media widths for this too.

    [.page-header] border-bottom is too light, needs to be either darker or unspecified/overridden

      Just adding on, the sidebar looks fine in actual articles, just not on the front page. The header is wrong for both.

        This is specifically with the dark theme, right?

          Yep, just the dark theme. It's just because some components assume the light theme instead of being responsive.

            TY, that's perfect feedback. We've got JIRA going now, so this makes it insanely easy to log and get fixed.

              Since we are reporting issues, did everybodies notifications get deleted or is this something specific to me
              Or a pebkac and they are hidden away somewhere now

                When you say deleted do you mean the list was emptied, or that you can't find how to get to the list? Neither happened to me, but I'm curious.

                  List is empty. My first notification is from the 12th October this year

                  @tigerion Interesting. I think it only shows the last 14 days though, I tend to get daily notifications and mine goes back to 2 Oct currently.

          There's a dark theme?
          There's a dark theme and nobody told me?

            Right at the bottom of the profile beneath all your mentions, where you wouldn't think to look. It's been there for a while now, can't remember when it was added though.

              Got added with the site redesign a couple of years ago. (Oh god now I'm having flashbacks)

              I would never have looked there. That's a stupid place to put it.
              As soon as I hit Dark, it was like someone applied a cooling balm to my eyeballs

            Year. YEARS I have been ruining my eyes with the light theme.

            I also never thought to check my profile. Gah!

              See, I did check my profile after everywhere else, and I still didn't find it. Why would it be under your recent messages?

                I don't mind the light theme, but watching the revelation is amusing

    Has anyone found a multi-usb wall wart that supports fast charging and high enough output for a Switch? Current one I have charges some devices well, but sends others into protection mode, and is driving me insane carrying two chargers and god knows how many cables.

    (Also, the proprietary DS connector can die in a fire. Would kill to find a DS-USB C adapter.)

      You can get DS to USB-A for a couple of bucks on ebay, then use an A to C adapter... That should work, but I haven't tried it.

    I was pretty keen for the NeoGeo mini, but was super disappointed that the only control choices are the horrendous stick setup or that poor-man's knockoff of the NeoGeo CD gamepad with the button mapping messed up!

    So I said screw it, and got my hands on a couple of NOS NeoGeo X sticks and some ebay wii pro controllers:

    Feels great, cheap and easy, and the emulation from the SNES mini is surprisingly better than what I've seen out of the official console.

    And of course, all of the roms I run were pulled from the humble bundle collection I bought.

    So, I appear to have messed up my feet again. This happened last year after pax. This time before pax.
    I did buy some new shoes but now it's a race against time to get my feet back in walking shape.
    Alternatively, I will hire a scooter.

      How so? Blisters?

        Apparently I don't have a lot of flesh underneath my feet to cushion them. I also have an instep, which means i need arch support. Oh, and I lift my toe when I walk so I have to have something that isn't mesh. =P

          Ah. Well, if you end up getting blisters, I have advice! For the other stuff... not so much.

            I wish it were blisters! The treatment for this is "Don't walk"

              I apologize in advance if this sounds completely insensitive, but living in North America I have had the 'pleasure' of seeing a few people scooting around on those electric mobility scooters, and I have to say they look like a blast. As a fairly overweight dude who hates exercise, walking is totally over-rated anyway, so you aren't missing out on much!

              But really, that sucks and I'm sorry to hear it. Sending you positive vibes!

                My Mum used to use them for the shopping centre, because it was so large. Now she walks it with lots of breaks.

    Ugh, xbox live has been broken for hours and I can't watch youtube.

    @loganbooker Regarding your Gizmodo article about the ODROID, it's basically the same as the Intel NUC range which has been around since 2013, right down to the 4 inch square form factor. I've had one running as a media centre for a while now. No need to wait for ODROID to come out if you want one now :)

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