Thailand Hotel Decorates Room With Hitler 

Thailand Hotel Decorates Room With Hitler 

This is the “Communist” room at the Love Villa Hotel in Nonthaburi, Thailand, which is an hour or so away from Bangkok. The room was decorated with Hitler and Nazi imagery.

Never mind that the Russians fought against the Nazis—or, more importantly, decorating your hotel in Hitler is in poor taste.

ImageLove Villa Hotel” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Love Villa Hotel

According to Coconuts, the 40-room love hotel opened around two years ago.

When asked about the room’s theme and design, the receptionist told Coconuts, “It’s just a theme room, it had no inspiration. The designer just keeps changing the rooms to keep it fresh.”

“This is truly awful,” Efraim Zuroff, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was quoted as saying by JTA (via The Times of Israel). “It’s horrendous, absolutely disgusting. It shows a complete lack of knowledge and education about Hitler, the harm he caused and the horrifying crimes that he committed in World War II.”

The hotel has since apparently removed the Hitler imagery.

This isn’t the first time Nazi images have caused controversy in Thailand.

Back in 2011, for example, parents and students at a school Chiang Mai, Thailand held a Nazi parade.

Two years later, a man was baffled after his Nazi-themed cafe pissed people off.


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