The Best Bargains From Gameology's Board Game Sale

Sometimes you need a game that's a little more tactile. And if you've been holding out on something substantial to fill those bookshelves, good news: Gameology has a huge sale on board games right now. Here's some of the best picks.

More information on each game can be found through the links below, but I've included a quick outline so you know what to expect. As a note, shipping for all games below is $10 Australia wide.

Shipwrights of the North Sea: $42.95

Image: Board Game Geek

A card-based game about building the greatest Viking fleet on the North Sea, amassing resources to construct buildings and ships along the way.

Shakespeare: $49.95

A game where players build a troupe of actors and actresses to put together the best theatrical performance, with people taking turns over six days to get the best reviews.

Twilight of the Gods: $49.95

A game about battling rival deities, with players forced to trade with their opponents to collate resources over the course of the game. Each god favours a different strategy (sanctuary, mysticism, negotiating, aggression) that affects gameplay, and there's a lot of mechanics fans of Magic will identify.

Seafall Legacy: $51.95

Risk Legacy might have been the first game to introduce permanence and consequence to physical components, but Pandemic Legacy arguably does it best. Seafall is exceptionally good, it's by the same designer, and the theme might also be a lot more up your alley. Haoran braved the wild seas when the game dropped a couple of years ago, so if you want to get a gist of how Seafall plays out, check his story below.

Welcome To Seafall, Where You Destroy What You Love

Gamers are a funny bunch. Board gamers, doubly so. We treasure our board games. We put plastic sleeves on our cards to keep our games immaculate and pristine. We do not tolerate spilled drinks. So writing on the board (in permanent marker!), placing stickers, and ripping up cards is both incredibly disturbing, and therapeutically cathartic. Welcome to Seafall.

Read more

Fate of the Elder Gods: $61.95

Image: Board Game Geek

A game about being the first cult to summon your demon and start the downfall of humanity. Always nice if you've wanted the cultists to win for a change, but make sure your Ancient One pops out before the investigators get involved.

Pulsar 2849: $64.95

A Euro-style game about drafting dice, claiming pulsars and discovering technologies while you explore space.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: $70.95

Almost a $35 saving here. Mad King Ludwig is all about building a glorious castle for your Bavarian monarch one room at a time. Small problem: he's a fickle ruler, and so his desires often change from round to round. A winner of the Mensa Select awards in 2015, Mad King Ludwig is a good bidding/drafting/tile placement game for four players that runs up to 90 minutes.

Gaia Project: $114.95

$23 saving on one of the bigger games here. Gaia Project, which has a solid 8.6 rating on Board Game Geek, is a heavier strategy game about terraforming neighbouring planets to expand and grow. Players can research in six different areas and spread over ten sectors, allowing for plenty of variations and replayability.

This War of Mine: $76.95

Image: Board Game Geek

The brutal survival simulator translates real well to board games, perhaps even more so because of the co-operative experience. Like the video game, it's not a cheerful experience - This War of Mine is all about survival a crippling civil war, making tough decisions on what risks you take to survive (and what survivors you choose to sacrifice).

Not only does the theme translate over well, This War of Mine is well built. Great shared experience for up to six players, and comes with a companion app (iOS and Android) which works rather well.

To check out everything else, head to the Gameology front page.


    Had a quick look. Any of these >4 players? Ideally 6-8.
    Or if anyone has any other good ideas it'd be great

      This War of Mine: 1-6
      Seafall: 3-5
      Shipwrights: 2-5

      But if you want good 6-8 recommendations:

      Coup Rebellion / Codenames / Resistance / Avalon / Dixit w/expansions / Mysterium / Formula D / Betrayal at Baldur's Gate are all q. good.

        Ah youre awesome. I'll be looking these up thanks man.

        Shipwrights does go to 5 but it's best with 4 players. Especially if you want to combine it with the other North Sea games (Raiders and Explorers) and do the Runesaga where you play all three games back to back.

      If you can find 8 players, Captain Sonar is a blast.

      Game works with fewer people too but it requires someone to fill multiple roles on a team.

    The 5E DnD Handbooks and Monster Manuals are the cheapest you'll find in Australia, at $47/$47.50 respectively. The DMG is $53.50 but you'll probably not find cheaper than that.

    Good for your younger siblings who want to get into DnD!

    Ooh, TMNT Shadows of the Past down from 160 to 99. Had fun with that, wish my boardgaming group hadn't evaporated.

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