The Best Bargains From Steam's Halloween Sale

We might still be forking over US dollars for the big Steam sales, but that doesn't mean there aren't some bargains regardless.

Note that all prices below are converted from USD to AUD at the time of writing, and doesn't include Paypal or foreign transfer fees.

FlatOut 2: $1.40

A staple of LAN events around the country for over a decade, FlatOut 2 should be on every PC under the sun.

The Talos Principle: $11.27

Image: Supplied

Old but well and truly gold. Still the best thing Croteam has ever made, for my money, and a fantastic all-around puzzler.

SOMA: $8.45

Aztez: $9.57

Image: Aztez

A vibrant 2.5D brawler with a strategy metagame to boot, Aztez is nothing if not distinct. Something fans of DmC or the Warriors games will appreciate, and beat-em-up fans will enjoy the ability to cancel any attack at any time. Well worth a look.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition: $42.50

The best cRPG of modern times, without question. If you only play one cRPG, this should be it.

Hidden Folks: $5.63

Image: Hidden Folks

A modern take on the Where's Waldo formula, with cheeky sound cues and gorgeous drawings to boot. Some new DLC launched for the game last week too.

Metro 2033 Redux: $9.57

With Metro Exodus only a few months away, now's a good time to get reacquainted with the post-apocalyptic Russian transport system and all the beasts that have taken residence. Also a top game for playing at the highest resolution and settings possible.

DmC Devil May Cry: $10.56

Image: Dead End Thrills

And ahead of DMC 5's release, we have DmC: Devil May Cry. Worth playing just for the disco level towards the end, but the whole game is a great romp (even if you swear blind that the originals are better).

Warhammer Vermintide 2: $21.14

Tim loved the hell out of Vermintide 2 when he played it earlier this year, and it's still fun with friends now even if you fall off after 30 or 40 hours. It's got some smashing melee combat, which you can hear (quite viscerally) in the playthrough below.

War for the Overworld: $8.49

A modern take on Dungeon Keeper that's improved since its original launch. It's a little more simplified strategically than the original Bullfrog games, however.

Alan Wake: $4.23

Back on Steam and for the price of a decent coffee. Great way to spend a weekend, if you're not already busy with something else.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition: $8.45

When Castlevania meets God of War. A touch unrefined in places, but a fun romp and one that should run just fine on today's systems.

What Remains of Edith Finch: $16.91

Highly recommended for fans of narrative-driven adventures and shorter experiences, especially Dear Esther, Journey and so on.

Night in the Woods: $16.87

A charming tale about a college dropout going back to Possum Springs, trying to pick up the life she left behind while battling depression.

Night In The Woods Treats Depression Like A Part Of Life

Video games have a spotty history when it comes to addressing mental health. Often, people with mental health issues are demonised, portrayed as the nefarious villains in games like Outlast or Far Cry 3. In other games, mental health is reduced a sanity meter or other mechanic, such as in Amnesia or Darkest Dungeon. But 2017's Night in the Woods presents a different way of looking at mental health in games.

Read more

Friday the 13th The Game: $8.43

Image: Steam

Pretty low barrier for entry if you've been holding off on the Jason Voorhees simulator. Best with a group of friends, however.

Duck Game: $7.30

A must have for any local game nights, but the online play works well enough with mates.

What other bargains have stuck out to you lately on Steam?


    I said I wasn't going to buy anything but god damn I can't pass up on FlatOut 2

      Check out Wreckfest if you like the ol' flatouts. Very similar and heaps of fun.

      Tell me about it. I saw that and screamed internally "STOP MAKING ME BUY GAMES!!!"... I still haven't started Persona 5, am going through RDR2 (which is gonna take a while), have FO76 on the horizon, along with a couple of other games, and STILL have the Pile Of Shame sitting there glaring at me.

      I don't need to add anything else to it, but these deals keep coming up to tempt me.

    Shadow Of War was pretty cheap last night too i saw. I actually got Ashes Cricket to start with, first time it has been on sale since release, this time last year, and the season starts this weekend. Ill get some more "proper" games though. Whats a good story co-op to play with a mate? Im running dry recently, want to catch up on Gears Of War titles, but damn you microsoft store and your shitty sales

    Last edited 31/10/18 10:11 am

    And Alien Isolation is 75% off.

    Picked up Crazy Taxi for $1.04! Probably never install but i might one day.

    I've decided I'm not allowed to buy any more until I've played the ones I have from previous sales.

    Still not as cheap as I expect them to go, but this is the cheapest that Divinity 2 and Night in the Woods have ever been.

    Don't Starve Together (US$5.99), Limbo (USD$1.99), and Amnesia (USD$3.99) are also worth your time, if you haven't played them yet.

    Sale ends tonight.
    The Room AUD $1.24
    Postal Redux $1.43
    Superflight $0.74

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