The Internet Reacts To Overwatch's New Halloween Skins

Halloween is on the horizon, which means that Overwatch’s Halloween event is now here. The new skins revealed in it have fans ready and raring for the holiday.

Halloween is the best holiday. What’s better than wearing a costume and eating sweets? I feel as though the Overwatch development team must agree with me, because every year they bless us with the coolest skins for their characters when it’s time for their annual “Halloween Terror” event.

This year’s standouts for me are Banshee Moira and Bride of Junkenstein Sombra (though I agree with Kotaku’s senior reporter Cecilia D’Anastasio that Roadhog and Sombra are fundamentally not compatible). It also seems as though some fans can’t get enough of Soldier: 76's kinda sexy serial killer costume. Take a look:


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