The Perfect Beer Pairings For Magic Cards

Image: jokulhops

An Instagram account called "jokulhops" is pairing specific Magic cards with beers that seem to go with them. This is the kind of Magic content that I enjoy.

As you can see in the header, the delicious peach fruit that the Spike Feeder is, well, feeding on looks juicy and amazing. What better way to really get into the head space of this card than enjoying a nice, cold beverage made from a similar stone fruit?

The amazing part about the account is the fact that there are lots and lots of Magic cards with conceptual beer counterparts. You should definitely go scroll through, but I mean, look at these:

Image: jokulhops
Image: jokulhops

I love the sense of humour to the account. After all, Magic is a massive game with lots and lots of goats, so why not create a goat collection? And, somehow, there is a beer centred on that.

Alongside jokulhops, there is also the beer-and-Magic themed "mtg_brews" which goes for a similar approach in a slightly more artful way. If you're trying to find beer-and-Magic content, it exists.


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