The Sims 4 Is Getting A New Career And Terrain Tools (Finally)

In an effort to keep their fans in the loop about upcoming features, The Sims’s development team has started a monthly live stream to talk about the game and sometimes hint at what’s to come.

Their very first livestream was a doozy: they introduced a new career and terrain editing tools, both coming in a free update at some point in the future.

In the half-hour livestream, Sims 4 community manager Kate Olmstead and members of the development team chatted about the games they work on, and also got a chance to introduce some new features that are slated to come in a free update for The Sims 4.

Senior designer Jeff Mitchell and producer Dave Miotke joined the stream to introduce a new career: Style Influencer.

Ever wanted to be an Instagram star or a fashion blogger in The Sims, or even in real life? This new career gives you the ability to not only interview Sims on the street about their styles, but to take any Sim you see in the world into Create-A-Sim to give them a makeover.

Mitchell emphasised that the preview of this career we’re seeing is still early in development, but said that “it’s important to pull back the curtain to let you see, for full transparency, what we do and how we deliver content to you.”

They also showed off terrain modification tools, which were available in The Sims 3 (2009) but still have yet to make it into The Sims 4, which came out in 2014. Right now in The Sims 4, the land available to build on is pretty flat, and there’s no way to change that.

Soon that will change. At the end of the stream, while Olmstead was talking about another Sims community program, another developer started showing off the upcoming terrain modification tools. As far as we know right now, you will be able to use these tools to transform flat surfaces into hills and valleys.

Olmstead said these new features were originally slated for a free October update, but that the team had to push that update back. The only word on their release so far is “soon.” Lets hope Sims fans can wait that long.


    Wasn't this terrain tool available in Sims 3, or am I wrong? O_o

      Yes, And availible from the start.

      But as we know, EA took everything from it in Sims 4 and resold it back to us as DLC.

        Yeah we've been playing Sims 4 with all the dlc during my school holidays (yay for teaching), my son and I. Then we downloaded Sims 3 as we owned all that too (smartly timed purchases on CDkeys meant we spent bugger all). I have to admit, there's parts of 4 I much prefer, like the ability for group interaction, the streamlined interface (to a degree), but 3 was a far, far more indepth game. The open world area of 3 was far superior imho. The fact they're *boasting* about putting this in shocks me???

          I have 4 and most of the DLC and i do also prefer it for its updates and performance. But i still prefer the open world and experience in Sims 3. I just wish they would fix the engine in 3 so it properly uses modern computers. I can run 4k games yet sims 3 cant maintain 60 fps at 1080p

            I know right??? I noticed the janky fps when I loaded it up on my 1070, like it was struggling to keep up with the rendering (it used to be the other way around for me lol). I really think EA would hit a freaking goldmine with Sims 5 if they'd update it to include the group chats, a few streamlined bits from part 4, but then return to the fully open town design of part 3. I don't buy the reasoning they gave for shrunken neighbourhoods, that moreso reeked of 'it's easier to do dlc this way'.

              From what ive read on numerous forums. The game saves become more bloated with data the longer you play that save. Because the game has to load more and more information. The problem is made even worse the more expansion packs you have installed because of that's just even more information it has to store and retrieve constantly. Because the whole place is open in Sims 3 and there is no loading screens, The data has to be constantly streamed. Leading to the performance woes.

              The whole process could work without impacting performance but supposedly the engine was badly implemented leading to it not using resources properly.

                Makes complete sense. I know its time they redid their engine from scratch. Hopefully 5 is that time. Doubt it though.

    I don’t plan on ever buying number 4 I’m too annoyed at them taking away so much from number 3 and the dlc has taken years, truly poor effort.. imo.

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