There's Official Overwatch LEGO

There's Overwatch plushies, Pop! vinyls, even Overwatch parody porn. So naturally, official Overwatch LEGO had to be on the cards.

Blizzard announced the collaboration earlier this morning, showing off a video of game director Jeff Kaplan playing with a Tracer figurine.

More details about the official sets will probably be announced at Blizzcon, if not sooner.


    this is pretty fucking massive because it must mean that Lego has finally relaxed its rules when it comes to violence, because it the main reason why warcraft, halo and few others went with mega blocks

      I agree - although I let my kids play it because

      a) it is the least violent shooter around
      b) no-one plays PvZ GW anymore
      c) it's not Fortnite

      yeah... not so massive as you say, but a step in the right direction.
      There is already a number of IPs within the legoverse which depict violence and what not.

      Lego have been adverse to making any sets that are war related, but guns and the like have been a mainstay for decades.

      Well, they've been making Star Wars Lego for a long time... and there's always been shooting, blowing up, and killing in Star Wars.

      James Bond Lego now too :P

    That little clip from twitter makes me miss LEGO Dimensions. Would've loved to see an Overwatch adventure world or story level.

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