This Anime Still Image Makes No Sense

Screenshot: 2ch,Screenshot: NicoNico

Release the Spyce is one of the new anime broadcasting this season. This still image from the show doesn’t make sense. 

Surely, you can see why, no? There are cars stopped at a red light across from on-facing cars also stopped at the same red light. If the light changed, they would crash into each other. Chaos!

Commenters on 2ch tried to figure out the flow of traffic.

Image: 2ch
Image: 2ch
Image: 2ch

The anime takes place in Kawasaki, and this location is based on a real street. However, it’s a normal street that doesn’t culminate with cars colliding into each other.

Not sure why the animators changed it!


    Simple, they stuffed up.

    Its super simple, the cars on the otherside travel in reverse gear. Its a special event. DONE!

    I watched anime for the first time in years the other day. It all seems to have a sloppier feel to it compared to the past decade and a half.

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