This Fan Cover Shows That Steven Universe Music Makes For Excellent Ska

Image: Cartoon Network

This ska cover is a rollicking, trombone-filled anthem. It's a well-known fact that the music in Steven Universe is incredible.

But it also translates really well into creative covers, like this version of "The Working Dead" by Ska Tune Network. In it, this one-man ska band turns the anti-work anthem, sung by Sadie in the show in the episode "Sadie Killer," into a big, proud ska rocker that would not be out of place on a Reel Big Fish tour.

It's so good that Rebecca Sugar herself has given it her seal of approval.

If you like ska, you're among friends here. If you like Steven Universe music, you're just correct. Either way, check this one out.


    Oh man, I haven't heard Reel big fish in ages. Kinda lost interest after Cheer up.
    On the subject of this guy, he's super talented and i hate him =D

    Yeah ska makes any song better. An amazing band named Party Like It's... does a killer version of "All About That Bass".

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