This Week In Games: Diablo Meets Cthulhu

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out, but that doesn't mean the flood of fresh games has come to an end. This week's got an especially demonic flavour, with Diablo 3 hitting the Switch and Call of Cthulhu here for horror fans.

Beyond bowing down to our overlords, there's also some good pickups for Christmas: Trivial Pursuit hits the Switch, which I'm eternally grateful for. Nothing's worse than a family session of trivia over Christmas with questions from the '80s.

Beyond that, Gloom is getting a digital re-release this week, Sports Party is back, the LEGO Harry Potter games are finally bundled together, and there's a few indies making their mark.

  • Call of Cthulhu (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Slime Rancher (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Diablo 3 Eternal Collection (Switch)
  • Sports Party (Switch)
  • SkyScrappers (Switch)
  • Trivial Pursuit Live! (Switch)
  • Gloom (PC)
  • Steep X Games Gold Edition (PS4, XBO)
  • LEGO Harry Potter Collection (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Football Manager 2019 (PC, iOS, Android)
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition (Switch)
  • Hidden Folks (Switch)
  • Night Slashers (Switch)
  • Speed Brawl (Switch)
  • Death Mark (Switch)
  • Numbala (Switch)
  • Transistor (Switch)
  • Yomawari: The Long Night Collection (Switch)
  • The Long Dark (PS4, XBO)
  • Nickelodeon Kart Racers (PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • The Escapists 2 (Switch)
  • Hasbro Game Night (Switch)
  • Rapala Fishing Pro Series (Switch)
  • The Adventures of Team Australia (PC)
  • Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 (PC)

Starting to be real quiet on the PC indie front. Anyway, let's get into the videos, starting with the launch trailer for Call of Cthulhu. There's also some direct feed footage for Mutant Football and Diablo 3, so you can get a better idea of how those games hold up.

I'll have more to say about this one soon.

Death Mark looks real interesting for visual novel fans. I'm also looking forward to Football Manager getting review bombed over localisations, again. Beyond that, Mutant Football could be fun on the go. I meant to grab that on PC, but missed out completely when it first landed. Now's not a bad time, though.

But what about yourselves? See anything you like this week?


    Pretty sure the Lego Harry Potter is just for Switch and XBone, PS4 already has it. Don't know about PC.

    I'm finally getting around to playing D3! I was super salty about having my account hacked back when the auction house was a thing, but I'm finally ready to move forward.

    Also the lag was ridiculous back then. Looking forward to local multiplayer, the new content, and dodge rolling. :p

    I thought Slime Rancher had been out for ages or was that Early Access?

    Really keen to see how Call of Cthulu is. Hankering for a bit of investigation/horror.

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