Tokyo’s New Fish Market Opens, Things Didn’t Go Well

Tokyo’s New Fish Market Opens, Things Didn’t Go Well

Today is the first official day of the Toyosu Market, the new fish market that is replacing the beloved Tsukiji Fish Market. The opening wasn’t exactly smooth.

In September, I visited the Tsukiji Fish Market one last time.

The Tsukiji Fish Market had loads of charm (and loads of rats!), while the Toyosu Market doesn’t.

Here’s how it compares to Tsukiji.

Bloomberg’s Yuji Nakamura has this helpful summary:

That’s right, you cannot buy fresh fish directly from the merchants. (You can follow Nakamura here on Twitter!)

There are some complaints about the new location. For example, visitors will be sectioned off and behind glass.

It wasn’t exactly a smooth first day but hopefully, that’s just growing pains.

With fewer roads, access is not good and traffic this morning was a nightmare. For visitors, Toyosu can be accessed by bus or monorail.

The closing of the inner Tsukiji Market was a sad affair.

Some Tsukiji inner market shops are not leaving in protest.

Starting this Saturday, Toyosu shops and restaurants will be open to the general public and visitors can watch auctions from Monday.

Maybe with time, Toyosu Market will become just as beloved—or more so. The charm, though, is going to take decades.


  • Anyone would think you come to Kotaku for gaming related news. Apparently not.

    To stay on topic though my local IGA recently shifted bread from the front of the store to the back, things didn’t go well.

    • Jesus yours too?!
      And for some bloody reason the split it into 3 areas, took me a good, i dunno, 3mins to find my corn cob loaf.
      Not happy Jan.

    • Kotaku has covered Japanese culture since it started, the Japanese word ‘otaku’ is literally in the name. Why this is constantly a surprise for people is beyond me.

        • It’s almost as is Kotaku brands itself as “Kotaku Australia | the Gamer’s Guide | Computer and video game news and reviews”

          But that’s impossible, gamers are dead.

        • It’s commonly associated with manga/anime but the term just means obsessive fan, it’s not specific to any particular domain.

          • Still not seeing the connection. Is there an obsessive fish market fandom out there? If so, I don’t think this is it…

            Here’s the about section from this site in case you were wondering;
            Thought-provoking games and comics culture
            Real, honest and varied opinions. We’re the gaming title the industry reads. We seek out the untold stories that appeal to a passionate audience, stories you won’t see elsewhere.

            Nothing about fish there that I can see :/

          • There’s an obsessive Japanophile market out there. I’m not really sure what you’re looking to get out of this exchange, to be honest.

          • stories you won’t see elsewhere Just like you provided, this article for me anyway I will not and have not seen anywhere else.

  • What a strange article. Not the subject matter (I clicked because it seemed interesting), but the style of writing. It’s more a series of tweets with a connecting sentence or two.

  • Great article. Thanks for that— had no idea they were moving it.

    My visit to the fish market is the central story I still tell from my last visit to Japan, this new location looks like a bit of a drag if you ask me. I’m sure they have good reasons to move it but it’s still a bit of a kick in the teeth to see it go.

    Great memories.

  • This is a IN REAL LIFE topic, if you look up the top and select PC or consoles then that will be what most look for.

  • As a counterpoint to all the naysayers, I quite like the article. I lived in Japan when I was a kid and the Tsukiji fish markets were always just there. To hear that they’ve been ripped from the location that they were so indelibly tied to, and splotched somewhere else where they don’t fit, is a complete and utter scandal! This completely ruins my childhood!

    Though I must admit, since I was a teenager at the time I lived in Japan, I was really just interested in finding cool arcade games, and not fish markets.

  • For those saying “this is interesting, don’t read it if you don’t want to.” I just want to say that I’m not arguing it’s *not* interesting, I just don’t see why articles like this are *here*. Articles about Global Warming, American elections and even (god forbid) sports can be interesting too but that doesn’t mean we should be happy to clog up the only (good) Australian gaming website with them – especially when the “article” is just a bunch of tweets (some in Japanese)… Just go to Twitter if you want to read tweets.

    • Edited my reply and it went into moderation, I’ll just repost.

      The point is Kotaku has always been more than just a games site – it’s fine that some topics aren’t of interest to some people, that’s normal. But it’s not cool to come and say ‘this stuff shouldn’t be here’ when A) it’s always been here, and B) there are plenty of people who come here because they do this stuff too. Complaining about that seems like going to a century-old bar and then complaining that they serve gin alongside everything else but you only want whiskey.

      There’s an audience for this mix, one they’ve built for over a decade. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that if some of the long-standing content isn’t to your taste, just don’t read it. It seems more amicable than trying to deny it the people who do want it, especially considering how long it’s been here.

      • I’d be a member of that audience. There’s no way I’d come across a story like this outside of Kotaku and I just wouldn’t go looking for it. For me (because I cannot speak for anyone else) the exposure to things outside of my normal realm of experience helps me be a more balanced human being – which is something that seems to be sadly lacking in this modern era of ‘select your own reality’ news.

  • just from a financial standpoint Kotaku probably has to diversify it’s content to stay alive so it can still be here doing the games related content.

    @scrumptatoes “myriad of demographics” if i look into this thesis am i going to find yet another identity politics driven pie chart separating people based on race, gender or sexual orientation, then condescendingly assign them opinions, viewpoints and perspectives unique to the box they are jammed into.

    For example the box we labeled “black people” want more black representation on screen because they cant possibly look up to and relate to batman or ironman the stupid narrative we all watched play out when black panther came out.

    • Mmm, yes, I see. You haven’t read the thing and you don’t know what the thing is. If you had read the thing we could have skipped past the supposition.

      Bait the hook elsewhere.

      • well i would go and read the thesis you posted and cherry pick some quotes to support my argument but the comment you had with the information i would need to find it has conveniently disappeared…… whose baiting the hook again??

    • Interesting final comment…perhaps if batman or ironman was handpainted or carved onto a rock wall it might help them relate.

      Yes, that’s offensive…just as I found your comment offensive.

      • don’t bother to tell me how you took offence just assume that i meant to offend you and that it’s obvious, and whatever you do don’t think maybe i misunderstood him and start a dialogue to find out, just call me offensive and be done with it all the while assuming your moral superiority… can’t imagine how everything gets so polarised nowadays.

  • That’s interesting and all but what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China? Have they slumped because of the change in the fish market?

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