Turns Out Battlefield Runs Just Fine At 8K, 60 FPS

I mean, you’ll need almost $4000 worth of GPU power in your system to do it. But hey! One can dream.

YouTuber ThirtyIR got their hands on a pair of RTX 2080 Tis – which cost $1800 each at the time of writing – and decided to see how far he could push them.

So he fired up Battlefield 1. At 7680×4320. With all settings maxed including HBAO anti-aliasing. There’s some stuttering in the frame times, but it’s mostly around 10ms, with the average frame rate hovering between 60-70fps for the most part.

The video itself is not in 8K, which would be cruel to anyone on Australian internet. But the whole gameplay was livestreamed, just to give everyone a case of envy.

“In 8K these cards really shine,” ThirtyIR said. “The Titan XPs, although they played relaly well and I could do 4-way SLI, the overall smoothness and gameplay seems to be quite a bit better with the RTX 2080 Ti.”

There is actually a video of Battlefield 5 gameplay at 8K, using a Titan XP SLI setup. The video itself is in 8K as well, although you have to use Microsoft Edge to watch it at such a stupid-high res.

Jesus wept.

Naturally, this isn’t the only game ThirtyIR has played at stupid high resolutions just because they could. Here’s Max Payne 3 at 8K:

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