What Are You Looking Forward To At PAX Australia?

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There's two days until the PAX Australia doors open. And to those that are going: what are you looking forward to this year?

I say it every year, but I'm super keen to spend some dedicated time in the tabletop section this year. That's where I've generally had the best times, and there's a ton of larger, more complicated board games that I'd like to get to grips with. I doubt I'll be going through Twilight Imperium, but it'd be nice to get some games in of Gaia Project, Fallout>, or Spirit Island.

I'm doing a couple of panels this year - we'll have a post soon so you know where to find us - and the PAX Indie area should have some gems. Quantum Suicide looks intriguing, and I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of 22 Racing Series.

How much the RTS elements, capturing sectors and HUD work together is another matter. But I'll try and see how it works in person.

But what about yourselves - what are you looking forward to from PAX?


    Probably the panels, had a great time with exploring panels last year.
    I've printed off the schedule and I'm currently earmarking a few things I want to do.


      You down this year? :)

        Aye. The bank account's looking a little less sad than it was last year, and really wanted to see all the splatfolk I've been hanging around with lately. Also no clash with Zelda symphony which is nice :P

    Board games, indies and indie board games. I've got broad interests.

    Catching up with TAYbies and Kotakans. Oh, and panels. And games. :)

    Seeing the Press X to Science panel again! They are a must see for me every year.

    Spending time learning how to DnD at the tabletop area, Just Cause 4 Dev panel, checking out whatever exclusive stuff is being displayed and attempting to win every racing game tournament

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