What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Since I forgot my Switch like an idiot, the weekend is most certainly not for local Mario Party, The World Ends With You, or any of the cooler games I really wanted. Still, there's always board games.

I'll be at PAX for most of the three days (flying out mid-Sunday) and, fingers crossed, there'll be some solid board gaming. I don't think any of the big surprises from Essen will be there - the event runs until the 29th Australian time, so retailers are still trialling everything on show and working out what they can jam into their checked luggage back home.

But there are some big board games I've been waiting to try. A friend bought Spirit Island, and while we haven't given their copy a run yet I'm guessing someone will be playing it at PAX this year.

Similarly, I'd love some games of Gaia Project. It's another game that takes some time and can be difficult to get a group together for. But at PAX? Shouldn't be an issue.

For those not at PAX, Red Dead seems like the obvious choice. There's also the Fallout 76 beta for those on Xbox. And there's lots to catch up on as well: new DLC for Spider-Man, more stuff in Odyssey, you get the drill.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Enjoying the new game smell of the copy of Red Dead 2 that I picked up this morning!

    This weekend has Red Dead 2 written all over it. I am just wrestling with whether or not to upgrade to a OneX to play it in its full glory.

    I'm playing Relatives Coming To Stay. A bold move for that one, launching the same day as RDR2 - it seems I'm the only one who got this instead of RDR2.

      I got this one too, last minute announcement too, thankfully its the in-laws and I'll be ignoring them...

      I thought this was an actually game and was confused when I couldn't find it online.......

    I'm currently deciding between checking out the PS4 release of Mark of the Ninja, (I played the original PC release way back when) Soul Calibur 6, Disgaea 1, Castlevania Requiem or Hollow Knight. I'll probably end up playing something entirely different though.

    I'll be playing RDR II Saturday morning, Firefly in the arvo as it's taking up my dining room table. And on Sunday night whatever new games I pick up at PAX :D

    Starlink and Labyrinth of Refrain, but I'll be playing board games all day at PAX tomorrow.

    Hopefully RDR2. If the 2 discs don’t take all weekend to install!

    RDR2 for me all weekend!! Work is even sending everyone home early today too. Bring on 4pm

    Dead cells on the switch, trying to get past the boss at the end of the ancient sewers.

    Will also play through some more zelda as my kids like to watch it with me.

    Also some planetside 2 on the new soltech Japanese server, 110 ping from Canberra, its playable.

    Some Strange Brigade co-op with a bud. Campy, good fun. I ilkes.
    Some more COD Blackout.

    Timing my run for RDR2, as will need 8 -10 weekend slots me thinks. May have to wait until summer partner.

    In the middle of Uncharted 4 (chapter 10) can't wait to see what happens.

    And also finally worked up the courage to start the witcher 3. Finished all the question marls om white orchard so preparing to leave and go out into the rest of its world.

    Trying to finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I think I'm getting close...

    Then it's a toss-up between Super Mario Odyssey and Skyrim on the Switch

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