A 4TB Drive For Those Games You Totally Aren't Downloading From Work

Given that a 64GB USB stick is fast becoming too small for game downloads right now, it really helps to have a much larger portable drive around. Especially if said drive is a fraction cheaper.

Usually available for $150 or higher, Western Digital's 4TB Elements USB 3.0 drive is available through Amazon now for $125.99. 4TB is more than plenty if you need to quietly download a bunch of games from Steam to save your home internet the trouble. It's also handy to have as a backup solution if you do a lot of image or video work and want to save project files, uncompressed recordings or encoded footage for the future.

According to a Staticice search of other retailers, you're saving at least $25 here. Head here for more details.

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    A 4TB Drive For Those Games You Totally Aren't Downloading From Work

    Is this a confession Alex? Do we need to contact the Kotaku IT department and limit your Downloads? :)

      They haven't forgotten the time they had to blacklist me from the office internet, so...

        That reminds me. I think Star Citizen is free to play this week.

        Let's fact it, that incident had nothing to do with the number of ports you took or the bandwidth you consumed.

        It was because the game you were patching was Star Citizen. Had it been StarCraft 1 or 2, they would have just turned a blind eye.


          Oh for sure, but it's still funny to remember.

    I like the jump, 64gb isn't enough so the next logical step is 4tb!

    For the love of all that is holy, don't plug a USB drive from home into your work network.

      Yeah thats what work "test" machines are for. :)

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