When Planet Coaster Meets Golf

If the prospect of making a hellish golf course sounds like a fantastic time, let me introduce you to Resort Boss: Golf.

Due out in early access on February 8 next year, Resort Boss is a tycoon game mixed with a golf course designer. Borrowing from the Rollercoaster Tycoon / Planet Coaster style of management, players have to upgrade their golf club from a one-hole course to a luxurious resort, hosting tournaments, managing staff and dealing with professional golfers.

God I'd love this on the Switch. But on the bright side, the minimum hardware requirements are a GeForce GTX 260, so chances are it'll run on most modern laptops without a hitch. You can find more info on the official Steam page.


    Simgolf + Minecraft + Stonehearth = early access game

    Lets see if this doesn't just finish before its's actually finished to decent quality.

    My heart skipped a beat with those familiar sim golf graphics.

    Just give us simgolf remastered, no other bulllshit pleaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


      Christ I miss Simgolf so much.

        When I saw the image scrolling through the feed I almost thought it was a HD Sim Golf. I'm excited yet cautious.

        I'm surprised no one has tried to port it to mobile yet

          Touch controls seem perfect for it. SimGolf was one of the games I had in mind when I decide to tinker with games next year. Not to a commercial level, but SimGolf's design and setup should be a good way to learn stuff in tools like Unity.

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