A Partner's Review Of Red Dead Redemption 2

It's nice to sit back and dive into a massive open-world game. But what if you're not the one playing? What if your partner is sitting there, doing their own thing, experiencing Red Dead's world through you? That's a whole different kettle of skinned rabbits.

The Girlfriend Reviews channel has a cracker of a video of what it's like to live with someone experiencing Red Dead Redemption 2, rather than playing it yourself. And it's actually fascinating and hilarious when you watch your partner, fiancee or wife/husband go through something.

I remember, for instance, Tegan laughing at me while I yelled at the screen working my way through Mass Effect: Andromeda. And Girlfriend Reviews has some all-too relatable moments that Red Dead fans will remember.

"For the first 10 hours or so, he will be screaming at the television. Something about the controls make it really hard to pick up a can of beans; at its worst he'll accidentally shoot some innocent person in the face."

Apart from having a lot of great one-liners, it's also a great take on what a game is like when you're not the one actually manipulating and wrestling with the controls. Girlfriend Reviews also has a fantastic take on Fallout 76, which you can and should watch below.

"A mutual hate for something can be really powerful and romantic," the creator quips.



    My partners review would be "Its a fun casino game"

    She doesn't care until she sees me sit down to gamble and then it's "Oh! Can I play for you!"

      Works out great for you if you haven't finished the Gambler challenges yet!

        I suck at Poker. I'm still trying to win 5 hands. I try to go all in and bluff everyone but I've never got a good hand for it.

          If you're going for 100% hopefully you have far better luck than me on #8, it's making me want to throw a stick of dynamite at the dealer.

    My wife sometimes likes to sit and watch me play Assassins Creed or RDR2 even though she has almost no interesting in playing games. It's kinda amusing to listen to her question inconsistencies or repeated content that we just accept as limitations of the medium.

    It's debatable if this is a real girlfriend - probably just an actress reading a copy of a very clever and different way of reviewing a game.

      It might be a dog. A naked dog.

    Very good, made me chuckle. I hope she makes more.

    Can confirm the controls. My wife and I are taking turns to play, though separate accounts.
    The funniest thing I've seen was when she went to mount her horse in the middle of town but instead, Arthur winds up and punches it. In one swift movement the horse reacts by kicking him square in the face, knocking off more than half his health.
    Even better than when she shot the trapper in the face.

      Had a similar experience while watching a non-console owning mate try to play my copy while deciding if he wanted to buy a PS4 pro just for RDR2. He smashed his horse in the face twice which had me almost falling off my chair laughing. Funniest thing I've seen in a while... although I did feel very sorry for the horse - virtual or not.

    I think she just articulated my partner's suffering while I play perfectly.

    This game seems to be the game my girl has enjoyed watching me play these last 12 months.
    She keeps asking me to play more of it.
    I think she has a soft spot for Arthur, and the enormous beard he has have been cultivating for the last couple of weeks.

    My daughter hated this game off the back of Spiderman. Now she can’t wait for me to run around being nice to my horse... so long as I don’t kill the bunnies. Anything but the bunnies.

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