And Here's Fallout 76 For $50

If you're happy to take the day one plunge on a new Fallout, especially the first to introduce multiplayer, at least you won't have to fork out too much.

Amazon Australia has the best deal for Bethesda's post-apocalyptic multiplayer wasteland right now, selling the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game for $49.76 each. Delivery is free on all standard editions of the game, although note that you won't it until after November 14.

You won't get the classic Fallout games, which are only available through the Bethesda website, but on the plus side you'll be saving almost $50 this way. You'll still have to get the 54GB day-one patch, of course, and if there's only a code in the box then you'll need to whack a 45-50GB download on top of that.

But hey, it's hard to argue with $50 for a AAA release at launch. You might still want to hold off on playing until it gets a couple of patches, but usually it takes a month or two for major releases to get discounted this far. Head here for the PC version, here for the PS4 disc, and here for Xbox One.

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    Or claim your free 30 day prime trial and get it on launch day for the same price

    Has anyone bought a PC game online from JbHifi? Looking at F76 it says digital download only, but does that mean you still get a physical box with a code, or do they email it to you?

      It usually means they physically post the box, but it only has a download code, no cd.

        Ah that sucks. I'll never understand how this can be $49, but to buy it digital from somewhere is another $20-30 (at least).

    I don't know if you would call this a AAA title right now ... Everything I've read/seen/heard/watched is telling me to wait (as much as I love the Fallout Universe ill stick with my Fallout Shelter game I have going on at the moment)

      I have to start & finish Red Dead 2, finish Spider-man and play rounds of Battlefield 5 - if it's not fixed by the time I start it then it has no hope in my eyes......

      Having played it myself in the beta imo a lot of what is being said about the game has been exaggerated by the initial sources. Since then people have just "borrowed" what those sources have said and run with it...I see it a lot with different people using the exact same phrasing. My brother is guilty of the same thing, telling me the game is riddled with bugs and performance issues...but he couldn't give me a single example when I asked for clarification.

      Realistically the bad stuff about the game is:
      - FPS capped to 63
      - No FOV slider in game - can change it in the .ini file though (this is confirmed to still work in the last beta round)
      - Multiplayer only
      - No NPCs except robots, story is more self driven/exploration based. Not necessarily bad if you like that style.
      - Effect of hacking remains to be seen.

      To me none of that stands out as a huge problem except possibly hacking. Even the prevalence of hacks has been overstated due to a reddit post which had no proof and was picked up and spread. It has since been proved that the post was completely untruthful, all data sent by the game is encrypted and an anti-cheat system is in place.

      How well that anti-cheat system works and just how blatant/disruptive hackers can be is the only thing making me hold off from buying the game. If it had a singleplayer mode I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

      Regardless of what you call it it seems to be a Fallout title stripped of anything that makes Fallout enjoyable to me. My tastes aren't exactly universal (I played COD for the singleplayer campaign) but there it is.

        Fallout without the campain or single player is basically ESO (Elder Scrolls online) for the Fallout universe.

      AAA describes the studio/developer, the investment taken to build the game and the creation process, not the subjective quality of the game. For instance, Evolve was a AAA game.

    Fifty bucks for 100 gig download, with no guarantee the launcher won't wastebasket your install, or that you'll have a bug free experience? Nuh...

    I'll also suggest that it is Fallout in name only, as Beth have said they've thrown the lore and timeline out the window.

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      You're setting the bar a little high, don't you think? What was the last game you played that guaranteed you'd have a bug free experience? The launcher issue was fixed ages ago.

        Oh that issue was fixed. But a new one has been discovered. If you downloaded and installed the beta you cant uninstall the beta unless you own Fallout 76.

        Literally when you try to uninstall, the launcher will pop up saying "You do not have access to this game. Please check to make sure you are signed in with the bethesda account associated with the purchase of the game"

        So if you received a beta invite from a friend who purchased the game. You will have to forcefully delete both the beta and the launcher to be able to remove the game files.


          This is the first time they've done a public beta of any of their games, likewise for offering friend invites, but the launcher has been around for a while. Licence taking precedence is an easily made and easily understood mistake, and also easily fixed. I think you'd agree it's a fairly minor issue too, all things considered.

            That's your prerogative. But i personally would find not being able to uninstall something a serious issue.

              Oh the pain! The pain of it all!
              *faints dramatically*

                Not being able to uninstall 100gb of useless game isn't painful? What am I missing?

                  I mean, you can just delete the folder, can't you?

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                  Reply to @drumrbaxj

                  No. Merely just deleting the folder will not solve the issues. When you install something, It does not just install it into your HD. It also creates registry files which are required to run the game.

                  Uninstalling it normally removes those registry entries. If you just delete the files, The registry entries will remain possible resulting in the Computer still thinking the game is installed even when you have deleted the folder.

                  This can sometimes result in you being unable to uninstall afterwards because the uninstall process won't detect anything to uninstall resulting in it failing.

              You'd find an uninstall issue that only affects beta participants who were given guest invites a serious issue? Because that's all it affects, once the game goes live you can't install it in the first place without a licence.


                You should be able to uninstall something without having to purchase the game.

                If i got a code from a friend, Installed the beta and now can't uninstall it because the Bethesda launcher is a joke. That's a serious problem.

                  Well, that's your prerogative, clearly based on your singular personal experience, but as a software developer with games industry experience who has worked on launchers before, I can say with complete confidence this is a minor issue and would be regarded as such at any company.

                  That's not to say it shouldn't be fixed, or that it isn't inconvenient. It's just that because it affects so few people and only affects them during the beta (which is now finished), it's way down the list of importance. You can delete the folder manually if you're particularly aggrieved, Bethesda games are always self-contained to their root folder.


                  None the less I appreciate the input. Good to know i am least discussing this with someone who has knowledge of the field :)

                  All good man. I'm sorry if my tone seemed overly harsh, I'm on the same page as @xenoun in being a bit incredulous and how the stories of small things have gone through the Whispers game to come out as these hideous accounts blown way out of proportion.

                  Just a note on your earlier comment about registry, don't worry. Bethesda doesn't use the registry for anything except an address handler for the Bethesda Launcher (Steam has one of these too, for comparison) and just the bog standard 'a program was installed' entry that Windows creates for basically anything.

            First time they've done a public beta? Did you forget about elder scrolls online?
            This is the same fiasco as that heap of shit they tried to pass off as an elder scrolls game,
            Throw out everything that makes fallout what we know and love and bring in a half assed system that they clearly didn't think through properly..
            Yet again another missed opportunity by bethesda and zenimax.
            Lets hope for some sudden realisation and that future patches fix this game before its too late.

              ESO was developed by Zenimax Online Studios, they're a different company to Bethesda Softworks.

              How much of the Fallout 76 beta did you play?

                If you think that either didn't have a role in either of the games then my god you are naive..
                and you think i preordered to get the beta after everything ive seen?

                i dont usually preorder unless im 100% certain ill play the game/my friends will play
                and in this case i waited for some reviews to come to light and you know what im glad i didnt
                again like i said lets wait and hopefully they fix the game before its too late

                Different company? zenimax media owns bethesda youve gotta be either a really die hard fan boy or just straight up stupid if you think zenimax had no involvement in fallout 76 lol

                  They didn't, I followed ESO development. They're separate companies, the only things Bethesda had anything to do with was the licence and publishing, and some lore consulting. They said as much during development. Fallout 76 is Bethesda Softworks' first multiplayer game, ESO isn't even on the Bethesda launcher which is what this whole conversation was about.

                  Zenimax Media owns Bethesda Softworks, Zenimax Online Studios doesn't. The two companies are peers, they don't work on each others projects any more than Arkane Studios or id Software do, both of which are also owned by Zenimax Media.

                  I get that you don't understand how this stuff works, but maybe you should find out before throwing around insults.

        Considering other studios bend over backwards to patch and bugfix as soon as possible, and in some cases give free cosmetic dlc, it isn't a high standard at all.

        I've suffered through Beth's substandard work for too long to accept either their bs, or their apologists defense of them.

        Last edited 12/11/18 5:10 pm

          So the level you expect has dropped from a guarantee of a bug-free experience to just 'bend over backwards to patch bugs'. That's certainly more reasonable than the plainly impossible expectation you started with.

          Which bugs are still present in the game today that you're concerned about? The only one you actually mentioned was already quickly fixed.

          Free cosmetic DLC? They've already announced all future DLC for this game is free, so yeah you're getting that free cosmetic DLC and also free extra content too! Bargain based on what you're asking for.

          Seriously though...they've already bent over backwards and fixed a bunch of bugs during the beta. You're being unrealistic, blowing things out of proportion and seem to just be generally angry for no reason that you've explained....which sums up about 70% of what I see people saying about Fallout 76.

            The beta still had bugs from FO3, which still aren't patched in that. Seriously, are you guys being paid to troll us?

    EB Games are doing another $29 + 2 trade-ins (worth min. of $10)

    Works for me as I have two unwanted games ready for Wednesday

      Have you got a link for the deal details? Or know how long you can do that deal for?

      I missed out on red dead 2 by like a day or so and now have 2 spare disks thanks to MGSV and BF1 being free on games with gold recently!

    The game looks really underwhelming.

    I think we'll be seeing reviews of 6 - 7 (with journalists being generous).

      If you base your experiences on reviews

    honestly I have zero interest in the game. Every since it was announced, there has just been this feeling of trepidation regarding it. Then there was the hiding the beta behind a paywall. Then the feedback from so many trusted youtubers. Then there was how they handled the beta for people not in the US.

    It is not often this feeble gamer with little self control, decides to do a hard pass, but there is no way I would pay for this game before a free trial. So many warning bells.

      I lost all interest in bethesda games when they stopped giving out review codes or blocked reviewers from releasing their reviews untill after the game had launched. Bethesda says they chose to do it because they dont want the games spoiled for you, But in reality they just dont want reviews coming out early if the game is bad.

        Like DOOM, right?

          Doom is a great game but his point still stands.

          Not relevant given they changed their review policy right before the release of Prey.

          Remember how prey was on PC?
          Seems coincidental they change their review policy right before a game is released that is a shit show on one platform.

          Your point about doom is not relevant at all. Just because they manage to release a functionally good game does not mean their review policy is not shady at all and does not have ulterior motives.

          great game, but it doesnt change the very valid point he was making.

      "Hiding" the beta behind a paywall? Come on dude, how many games only do that for people who pay? How many skip having a public beta at all? Believe it or not they actually used the beta as a means to find/fix bugs. They've been pretty fast and responsive about the worst ones.

      It also wasn't that hard to get into the beta for free when they gave 3 extra keys out to everyone that pre-ordered. I snagged free keys for myself and my brother and tried the game out. All the negative comments about it are way out of proportion. They mostly stem from a couple of sources that were exaggerating to begin with.

        All the negative comments about it are way out of proportion. They mostly stem from a couple of sources that were exaggerated to begin with.|

        You are either blind, Didn't play the beta at all or you are just fanboying.

        All the bad things that occurred in this beta were not exaggerated. They actually happened. Take off the fanboy blinders.

          Not blind, played the beta. Had 0 issues.

          The amount of people I've seen say "this game is full of bugs" "it's crap, don't buy it" but can't back it up with any examples is huge though. I'd jump on the ban wagon too if it was warranted but in all honesty most of the bad stuff with the game is being blown out of proportion.

          I said it in a comment above, but imo the bad stuff is:
          - FPS capped to 63
          - No FOV slider in game - can change it in the .ini file though (this is confirmed to still work in the last beta round)
          - Multiplayer only
          - No NPCs except robots, story is more self driven/exploration based. Not necessarily bad if you like that style.
          - Effect of hacking remains to be seen.

          The only thing holding me back from buying is I want to see how disruptive the hackers are and/or wait for the hacking to die down.

          People seem to either be overly negative about the game or acting like a fanboy as you said. I'm sitting here being objective, gathering the faults as I see them and they don't bother me. I'm on an older PC so 60 fps is realistically what I'll get, FOV doesn't bother me and I prefer to explore Fallout games, the main story tends to be pretty average regardless.

        if this beta was truly a real beta, not just a cash grab with some last minute bug squashing side effects, they would have opened the gates up months ago and did a real full length beta program.

        this beta was all about pre-sales, and last minute server stress testing.

          Well yeah it was about stress testing. Do you not realise they would have done a lot of internal testing, including an actual beta? The limited public access beta confined to set windows is all about stress testing and seeing if anything pops up.

    Damnit already preordered it. At this point though I've set a pretty low bar for this game already. Hope to be proven wrong.

    I ordered the PC version of the power armour edition. Apparently it comes with a steel book case...that contains a cardboard disc with a code printed on it. Someone should really explain to Bethesda what a case is actually for.

      That's not a Bethesda only thing though. Not by a long shot.

      Just recently retail Black Ops 4 PC copies were a fake cardboard disc with a code. An older, and arguably more absurd example, if I recall correctly was Metal Gear Solid V's 'install' disc had nothing but the installer for Steam on it.

    Did anyone else get theirs from Amazon? It said it would ship on the 12th, but it hasn't according to my orders page. Suppose to arrive release day, but I'm starting to worry that I wont get to enjoy all the bugs day one. :P

      From Amazon AU or US? I know AU tends to send out quite late the day before but I've never had problems with it not showing up on time.

        It was AU. It did change status to say it was arriving today by 8pm, but I'll see how it goes. There's no tracking info.

    Or, save that $50 and don't buy buggy Bethesda trash ever. Use it to buy a quality product instead. Ask any of the modders and they'll tell you they're basically just cloning their fallout 4 mods for this game because it has the same engine with all the same bugs that they still haven't fixed. Forget getting this game for 'cheap', you couldn't pay me to install it.

    fyi you can play the game now if you have your copy. Mine is in transit and may turn up today (because AM), which is fine.

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