Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Epic Mercenary Events Have Been Put On Hold

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Epic Mercenary Events Have Been Put On Hold

After a few failed attempts at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey‘s Epic Mercenary Events, Ubisoft announced today that the event will be removed while they work out some issues.

“Two weeks ago, when we attempted to launch the first Epic Mercenary Event with Damais the Indifferent, we discovered that the content didn’t properly appear for a majority of our players,” Ubisoft wrote today on its forums and Reddit.

“It wasn’t satisfactory to have an event available to only a portion of our players, so we decided to temporarily remove the Epic Mercenary Events from the game altogether until the issue is resolved.”

The Epic Mercenary Event has been cancelled twice now, first on October 17 and again on October 30. Mercenary Events are intended to be contracts against difficult opponents, announced as part of Odyssey‘s live events schedule.

The Mercenary Events were meant to “rotate weekly” with the game’s other live event type, Epic Ship events, which so far have gone as planned.

Ubisoft says it’s working on a fix and hopes to reinstate the Mercenary Events “later this month.” In the meantime, it writes, “we will activate 1x Epic Ship Event each week moving forward. And as a thank you for your patience and understanding, we will be activating a discount of -80 Orichalcum for the Legendary item that Sargon (Oikos of the Olympians) will sell next week.”


  • Can’t say I’m bothered in the slightest by this. I’ve already killed over 100 mercs in the game. Fighting one more doesn’t sound that exciting. Origins had you fighting gods for its events. Why can’t Odyssey have that?

    • The other week, the supposedly ‘epic’ enemy was some ship that had a neat skin (which I’ve since equipped and quite like – I prefer the octopus one, but it’s purple, not gold, so it makes my loadout look mismatched). I killed it without a second thought because it interrupted a fight I was having with a half dozen spartan ships for the weekly.

      It was nothing. A blip. It didn’t register as even remotely special until I saw I had a neat skin in my inventory. It was the exact opposite of epic. The individual ship was hardly memorable (the fight it got caught up in, though… that was a lot of ships).

      I reckon you’re on the right track. Give us a new Minotaur, or Cyclops or something, not a forgettable mercenary that blends in with all the other randomly-generated nothings that I murder in a few seconds if they interrupt whatever I’m doing at the time.

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