Alan Wake Returns To Steam After Renegotiated Music Rights

Image: Remedy

May 16, 2017 was a sad day. Remedy's psychological action-adventure Alan Wake vanished forever because of expired music rights, of all things. Seems it wasn't actually forever, with the game reappearing on Steam late last month.

We've got publisher Microsoft to thank for this turn of events, according to Remedy's Twitter account, with the company able to "renegotiate the rights to the licensed music" and get Alan Wake back online.

Remedy says that Steam is the first port-of-call, with "other digital platforms to follow".

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Unfortunately, we missed out on the 80 per cent discount to celebrate the game's re-release. But that's OK — with Christmas fast approaching, I'm sure another Steam sale is just around the corner.

Alan Wake [Steam, via Gamasutra]


    if only it was good, shame it wasnt a touch on the original

      This is about the original lol, they just happened to use an image from the second game.

    As long as it still has children of the elder god, im good :D

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