Battlefield V Is Kicking Aussies Out Of Games

We've been fortunate in 2018 in that game launches haven't been quite as broken as years past. Nonetheless, if you're an Aussie who's been trying to play Battlefield 5 this week, you might not have had a great time.

DICE has posted an official list of the known issues in Battlefield 5 per platform. It's a lengthy list, but then a game like Battlefield across multiple systems is always going to have lots of little bugs.

That said: if you're an Aussie, there's one bug in particular you would be rightly annoyed at.

Listed in the notes for "Servers", which are not for any particular platform but for all Battlefield 5 players, DICE left the following bullet point:

Australian players being added to a queue then when they get to the server are immediately kicked

Status: We cannot reproduce this issue. Please see if this continues to happen when the new BFV 11142018 update goes live.

That's ... that's a pretty important bug guys. It's not hugely surprising that DICE can't reproduce the issue, given DICE developers are a very long way from Australia. Judging from the above, however, it sounds like DICE isn't sure whether the fix will actually help.

Other fun bugs to keep an eye out for in case you're playing BF5 early:

  • Players are sometimes falling under the map after reviving
  • Players being told they are "Missing Online Access" - the recommended fix for which involves turning DirectX 12 off
  • Medics not being able to revive players
  • Voice chat transmitting when you're not speaking - "We appreciate that it could be an annoyance," DICE says
  • Getting stuck on the spawn screen when matchmaking into Grand Operations games
  • One member in a squad - just one - getting stuck in a black screen after matchmaking into a Conquest game
  • Clicking the join server button in the Advanced Search "does nothing"

You can view the full list of known issues here.


    No one I play with has experienced this and I even looked in the forums so I'd suggest its pretty minor.
    Far bigger issues in the Australian BF community than this one in recent months. Overall the launch has been reasonably ok. The patch has also been up for a day(23 hours at posting) so its even less of an issue.
    Good copy/paste though.

      The full launch isn't until next week, and that's when most players jump on board (and when the servers are under the most stress). But then I guess how serious it is depends on how much it affects you personally. DICE would probably have a different perspective on that.

        @nabootheenigma I was getting this issue in the Beta back in September(?) but no one else I played beta with were affected so i suspect you're correct but I am worried I will continue to face this issue.

          Yeah had this happen to me during the beta as well. After trying for a good hour or so during the first night of the beta I gave up and came back the next day, where it happened a couple more times and then stopped entirely. I blamed busy servers at the time.

          Hopefully I don't get to relive the experience next week.

          I had this issue during beta but havent had a single problem during the headstart. Launch could be a problem though but who knows

      It's happening to me, I tried for an hour this morning & 2 hours this evening after work...even as a spectator. I'll uninstall tomorrow & re download. Just in case it's that.

      Everyone I've played with has had these issues, including myself and a large portion of my partners viewers on Twitch (which they complained about whilst trying to join my partners game). Last night I played a total of 30 minutes in a 2 hour session, with an hour and a half wasted on trying to connect to servers before being booted right after loading into a server. The patch actively made things worse for almost everyone I know, with people getting frequent crashes and the same issues laid out in the article post-patch. The beta on the other hand performed flawlessly.


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