Warcraft 3 Remaster Launches Next Year

Warcraft 3 Remaster Launches Next Year

Starcraft got a coat of fresh paint, and now it’s finally Warcraft‘s turn.

The game is titled Warcraft 3: Reforged, and comes 16 years after the original release of Warcraft 3. It’ll be released next year, although a demo will be playable on the Blizzcon show floor.

A quick gameplay trailer is below, as well as a cinematic trailer.

The standard edition of Warcraft 3: Reforged will cost $US29. Australian pricing wasn’t available at the time of writing, but we’ll keep you posted.

The author travelled to Blizzcon as a guest of Blizzard.


  • The excitement and surprise of this announcement.. was soon crushed by the shock and disbelief that they’re doing a new Diablo game and it’s a mobile game -_-

    • Am I the only one who is not upset by this? They also said diablo 4 is coming, just a later date. I mean maybe it’s that I’m on the go a decent amount of time, but if it’s close to as good Hearthstone, I’m not upset.

      • To clarify (for what is probably the 100000th time on the internet) fans are not pissed about the mobile Diablo nor the fact they’re working on D4 separately. They are pissed off because Blizzard’s climax and finale to their opening ceremony, in front of some of their most hard core fans (who paid hundreds and maybe thousands to fly / stay / attend the conference) who would be made up of 99% PC gamers; they decided to announce a mobile version of one of their IP’s.

        You need to think of it from these fans point of view. I was one of the fans who paid 80.00 AUD to watch the stream live and I was up at 5 am watching it and I was in absolute shock when I saw this. I honestly thought it was an out of season April fools joke. The fact Blizzard just expected their fan base to lap this up and be happy with it, and then their reactions to the shock, booing and general fan response afterwards still shocks me.

        Do I think Immortal will be a good mobile experience? Probably. Even though it’s being made out of house by a cheap chinese mobile company, it’s unlike Blizzard to put their name on something that will be bad. But I’m disappointed that Blizzard has turned into this money obsessed corporation which just looks for the next easiest way to make money and please their shareholders. The comments afterwards of “Fan reaction was muted but the majority of fans are excited and happy” is a blatent lie to try and fix the HUGE dive their stocks have taken. I think people are (at least I am) shocked that no one at Blizzard expected this reaction. It shows they are really out of touch with their fan base and it things continue like this, it worries me as a Blizzard fan.

        Hopefully this shock is a the snap back to reality they need. They can’t keep coasting on the good will of what the founders of Blizzard built for 2 decades…. It is drying up and if they keep pushing with this current direction (Then afterwards announcing plans to bring all their IP’s to mobile -_- ) then they will continue to lose fans and support until there are none left. Hard to imagine maybe but it’s happened before.

  • Love how they remade the opening cinematic. I want to see a side by side comparison. Hope they’re planning on remaking all the cinematics from the original game.

    • So watching the opening cinematic, my primary thoughts were: “What did they do to remake it? The only difference I could notice was that the made the heads of the orc and the infernal look dumb.”

      Then I went and watched the original trailer and saw how block and low res it was. My brain had just upscaled it to modern resolutions in-post over time. I still think the orc and infernal heads look a bit stupid, but damn, they sure made it look pretty by comparison when you look at clips of the original video.

      • Yeah I did the exact same thing. In my head it was the same to the point where I was sure they just upscaled the old video, then I went and watched the old one and saw just how different it was.

        Rose tinted spectacles and all that.

  • Warcraft 3 still holds up on modern PCs. They should have remade Warcraft and Warcraft 2. Pretty underwhelming Blizzcon.

    • this remaster is fucking awesome but i know one other game that would of been even better especially compared to what we got.

      Diablo 2.

      Also i think someone needs to check on Alex to see if he is still alive because he hasnt posted anything about the travesty that was announced

      • Indeed. But personally I wouldn’t want a 3d Diablo 2, I just want a totally HD update to all the sprites, I feel something would be lost if it went 3d like part 3?

        • dont have to do much for a d2 remaster, just give it more resolutions and bigger viewing area while porting over to battle.net for the social features

          • Update the sprites of course, make them HD, they run a maximum of 800×600 I think now and don’t look too great in higher resolutions. Remaster the audio as well. But I do think a D2 remaster would sell like friggin hotcakes.

            When we launched Diablo 2 way back when, when I worked at a shop called Games R Us in Brisbane, it was one of the biggest game launches we ever had.

          • Yeah they look like ass when you run it on a 4k screen 🙁

            D2 definitely needs a graphical overhaul if it’s going to be updated.

            The WC3 remaster looks pretty good from the trailer. Especially if we get an updated editor. That would be terrific.

          • Now, I’m not gonna say ARK did that for me?

            But 6.4 down to 5.6 because of 2400 hours over a year and a bit says something… lol

    • They should have made a Warcraft the Trilogy Remastered. The whole thing, up to date and in particular for 1 and 2, up to date game play.

      • I think they chose the right game to remaster. I replayed WC2 recently, and while I love the shit out of WC1 + 2 and they will hold a special place in my heart forever, I don’t think they were the right games to remaster.

        On the plus side, it probably wouldn’t be that much work to recreate the original 2 games in the remastered WC3 engine, particularly if their map editor is half decent (which I have no doubt it will be). Better to start with the more complicated game and work backwards.

        • See, I was thinking more about the story experience. Whilst many would remember what happens in WC3, many would either have forgotten or never experienced WC1/2. Combine the relatively “fresh” story experience of WC1/2 with new game play and you get something much closer to a new game rather than remastered. Think reimagined rather than remastered and would be more than only a graphics update which I’m sure WC3: Reforged is going to be (even if WC3:R did update the game play, it wouldn’t require as much work as 1 and 2).

          I guess that would take more effort and money though so from a cash cow perspective, yeah WC3 is the game to do.

          • On the plus side, if fans don’t do it first then I can definitely see Blizzard releasing the first 2 games as free campaigns within WC3:R in the not-too-distant future

  • I was happy to see this… then I saw the local pricing. $44.95 for a standard edition, and then there is a $59.95 deluxe edition with a few extra things for other games.

    • This is a full on remaster though with a new game engine. Not just an upscale. People have put time and effort into this.

      <$50 for this is a great price.

      • just to clarify, it’s the same engine (WC3 original and reforge can play together)

        but everything is being redone (VO, cinematics). also something not clear (to me at least) is that this is both WC3 and Frozen Throne (the expansion) just like SC1… which is no small undertaking

  • Australian pricing is coming up as $44.95 in the BattleNet client – so roughly the same price with currency conversion (41.54 at time of writing)

  • They’ll probably have a lot more scope to improve and fix the game than they did with the Starcraft remaster since with that they had to preserve every single thing about Starcraft down to the last microscopic glitch or else the fan base would have rejected it entirely.

  • i will be waiting probably to get it on sale or at least till i have a games drought, but damn i cant wait for some custom map shenanigans this time maybe i will actually be able to host games unlike last time.

  • I personally want a Diablo II remaster so I can finally play it. I’ve played some old games, such as System Shock 2 and Duke Nukem 3D, because they’re still great despite their age, and I really enjoyed them, but damn D2 is just a bit too dusty for me when I tried to get into it.

    • Unfortunately they’ve admitted a D2 remaster is all but impossible. It would have to be a complete remake.
      The way D2 works relies too much on cool tricks of the time that completely break if you try to pretty up the game for modern machines/screens using the same engine.

        • I wouldn’t call it sketchy so much as a lot of the development probably went along the lines of “I found a cool way to make this work” and there wasn’t much consideration given to what would happen if they had to use those tricks in with a screen resolution that pretty much didn’t exist at the time.

          from the co-founder of Blizzard:
          “A lot of the ways that the AI and stuff activates is from off-screen,” he said, noting that “if they were going to keep the same radius of awareness, you would get a whole bunch of [monsters] on the edge of the screen just kind of like, ‘[I’m] getting ready to do something here!'” However, Brevik explained that if you alter the radius, “then everything’s coming from different angles and at different speeds and doing different things than you’re used to and the way it’s run.”
          So a lot of fundamental things were almost reliant on tech constraints at the time and changing any of them has an enormous domino affect on the rest of the game, resulting in almost as much coding and redesign effort for a remaster as would be needed for a remake anyway.

          • This most definitely explains why there was no decent resolution upgrade that worked well… yeah I didn’t mean sketchy as in dodgy, I just meant as in ‘out of the ordinary’ as such 🙂

    • I’m sure it will happen, but it will never be as good as AllStars. Everyone’s playing Dota 2 now, which has a much more suitable engine, and Blizzard wants you to play HOTS rather than recreating a competitor’s game within theirs.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mod side of things is locked. I am just old now so I don’t have time to keep on top of a game with new hero’s, tactics and changing Meta’s

        I am more about fun times with friends in a casual environment.

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