BlizzCon 2018's Cosplay Was Out Of Control

Other shows might be bigger, but every year Blizzcon brings out the absolute best in cosplay.

It was held earlier this month at the Anaheim Convention Centre, and many of the top cosplayers not just from North America, but from the rest of the world made the trip to show off their love for Overwatch, StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo.

The Best Cosplay From BlizzCon 2017

Last year's BlizzCon was one of the higlights of the cosplay calendar. BlizzCon 2017 was no different.

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Last year’s show was incredible, and this year’s was no different. Mineralblu was there taking photos and video for us; you can see even more pics he took here, while all cosplayers Instagram credits are on the images below.


    Finally. A con that has cosplayers who are perfect.

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