JB Hi-Fi Is Having A Price Blitz

JB Hi-Fi Is Having A Price Blitz
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JB Hi-Fi has a giant sale on right now with specials on games, consoles, peripherals and those other things they sell that aren’t video game related.

The sale has been going on for the last few days and ends today, which means there’s still time to jump on and grab something. There are great deals on consoles, cameras, laptops, TV and pretty much everything else that comes to mind.


For the console bundles, you will need to purchase the free games as part of the same transaction as explained here.

Other Deals

You can view the full sale on the JB Hi-Fi website or in store.


  • it’s so cool this page is still live and comes up in related articles. Anything for a click through hey???
    protip: this one user got sick of dodgy web tactics so you’ll never guess what he did next
    ok you can. he decided never to click through a link on your page and their affiliates again

  • Fallout 76 free with XBox console? I will be saying no take it back to shelf, give me a discount to the console as an insult to offer the game for free otherwise I am not buying the console.

  • It’s 2020 and this article is still coming up in the feed at the top of the website. Between the US Kotaku not loading correctly/at all and this going on with the AU Kotaku it’s time to say goodbye to the GMG

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