Destiny 2 Now Free On PC

If you've been waiting to try Destiny 2, Bungie just announced that the game will be available for free (with some caveats).

Announced on the Blizzcon all access stream ahead of this year's Blizzcon opening ceremony, anyone with a account will be able to add Destiny 2 to their account until November 18 (US time). If players add the game to their account by then, you'll own the game permanently.

You won't get the Forsaken expansion, of course. Think of it as shareware for a AAA game, or a gargantuan-sized demo. Either way, you'll need to redeem the code through the official portal on the Destiny 2 page here. For those who already own Destiny 2 on PC, you'll get an anniversary emblem.

The author travelled to Blizzcon as a guest of Blizzard.


    And I just bought it last week. Maybe I can get a refund... and my buddy can get a refer-a-friend because he asked me to play originally. I really don't like how they just decide things willy-nilly.

    Must be in trouble...

      Yep. It was 'free' with PS Plus last month as well.

      Wouldn't be surprised to see it on Games with Gold soon either.

      People keep saying this and it keeps being wrong. The game is doing really well. Tonnes of players all the time.

      This is a pretty usual marketing tactic. You aren't going to sell any more of the base game and not everyone who owns it will buy the expansion. So you throw out the base game for free, get a heap of new players, and some of them will buy the expansion.

    I paid full price for the most disappointing game of 2017 and all I got was this stupid emblem.

      So sick of paying full price for half finished games.

    I'll happily grab the core game for free. I enjoyed the campaign enough I wouldnt mind just going back to play through that again.

    End of the day, its free. Its not the complete game though, but its enough, and from Bungies angle might get people into the game that missed it the first time, and perhaps wanting to buy Forsaken. If not, costs them nothing, its just bits and bytes stored on Blizzards servers.

    I got the base game on a humble bundle deal and enjoyed it so far. I'll likely pick up the expansion if I see a good price. So this move is pretty much targeting people like who could enjoy the game but wouldn't have taken that first step to get the base game without something like this.

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