Diablo Immortal Will Be A Diablo For All Ages

Image: Blizzard

Diablo has always been a franchise about battling back the seventh circle of hell, sometimes in a viscerally bloody fashion. It's a mature franchise. Diablo Immortal, on the other hand, will be a game Blizzard hopes to target at all ages.

At a group press conference uploaded by 리뷰빌런 하텍 from Blizzcon, Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham and Diablo Immortal principal designer Wyatt Cheng took different questions about mobile gaming, and Immortal more generally.

When asked about the direction of Immortal, Adham said that bringing Diablo to mobiles would help Blizzard expand the franchise - and also the demographic of the average Diablo fan.

"It gives us the opportunity to introduce Diablo to a much broader audience around the world that play games, now many primarily on their phones, and in North America a younger audience, many primarily on their phones," Adham said.

"If it's about the maturity of the content, Diablo Immortal for the mobile device is being designed so that everybody can play it from all ages. And so where some of the PC products are mature rated our goal is that this is will not be mature rated."

Adham added that Blizzard now has "many of our best developers" working on mobile titles. Some of those projects are being developed internally, while "some" are developed with external studios, like Diablo Immortal.

"Many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile and we have many of our best developers working on new mobile titles across all of our IP," Adham said.

"Some of them are with external partners like Diablo Immortal, many of them are being developed internally only and we'll have information to share on those in the future. I will say also that we have more new products in development today at Blizzard than we've ever had in our history, and our future is very bright."

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    for all ages... to expand the franchise
    ... cause of microtransactions and lootboxes.

    This is going to be a hot mess.

      A mess that will have nothing to do with the quality of the product. Its already been judged, found guilty, and sentenced to death by the Internet, before anyones even experienced it.

        The quality of the reskinned game? The game about demons from hell, that's available to all ages?

        This may appeal to the casual gamer, as all mobile games are aimed at.

        Diablo fans are not casual gamers and never will be.

        This game deserves all the hellfire it gets from its core audience of PC/console gaming enthusiasts.

        Last edited 08/11/18 12:57 pm

          How do we know for sure though? For my tastes, I agree by the way. This doesn't seem to be something that will appeal to me. I've tried similar on mobile before and it just didn't cut it.

          But those games weren't Diablo, weren't made with Blizzard's resources, and it isn't aimed at me. People have prejudged this, which was the point of my response.

          Prejudged on how they feel about how Blizzcon went down, prejudged on their feelings for spinoff products like this, and prejudged on how they feel about mobile gaming.

          They may be valid, and the game may well fail exactly as people claim, but until its released to the public that judgement is based on nothing but sentiment. People have decided, clearly you included, that its a dumpster fire with zero evidence. For no other reason than a badly handled panel at Blizzcon.

          In the end I find it laughable that the "core audience" should give it hellfire. This game isn't aimed at them any more than HotS was aimed at core WoW, StarCraft, or Diablo players. Its ridiculous that that "core audience" thinks it is aimed at them.

          For the same reasons HotS and Hearthstone were worth the risk for Blizzard, so is this. And those two games, spinoffs of established IP for different audiences, have hardly been fails.

            I think the problem is that this game is an omen. A glimpse into the future direction of a developer that many (especially pc) gamers have extremely fond memories of... it’s the bullet of truth that the dollar is the only thing these guys truly care about.

            I don’t believe that a company as big as ActivisionBlizzard takes “Risks”, at least not in the sense that we know. The very worst possible outcome for them is that they won’t make quite as much profit as they expected.

              Maybe. Probably. I look back and see that every time they've taken a similar "risk", its paid off. As I've repeatedly pointed out, Hearthstone and HotS were "risks" by jumping into markets they never had before - CCG's and MOBA's.

              They were a risk because they'd never done it before, but how big a risk were they really? Trend genre's, they jumped in and released a product. And raked the money in. This is much along the lines of those. This time they're jumping into mobile gaming.

              Again though, wheres the risk? Its a growth industry worth billions, backed up by a decade of App Store and Google Play data. I agree. They arent taking a risk at all. The nay-sayers mean little, they arent the audience.

              As for their direction, you're right, but it isnt anything new. Same examples. This is a company that takes their sweet time between iterations of their main IP's, with these smaller products being gap fillers.

              12 years between D2 and D3, 12 years between StarCraft 1 and 2, no new Warcraft games since WoW launched 14 years ago. Big products are few and far between, and they have history of branching into different markets during those gaps.

            I feel the same way about people's reactions to Anthem. They've already judged it completely. I think it will be a quality game albeit not one that aligns with their previous story focused games, but I'm cool with that, and am happy to wait until release before labelling it utter trash.

        True but a smarter company would release some information about their actual plans for the franchise (if d4 is truely in construction) simply for damage control than anything else.
        If they did that then the PC enthusiasts would quieten down about the mobile game.
        Basically the mobile is the future of the franchise until proven otherwise.
        Also god of war proves that fans appreciate it when a franchise matures with them as opposed to the star wars episode I move of opening up the franchise to appeal to children.

    It's all about getting it in as many hands as possible because money.

    But it's not for me. Diablo has been about dark, dreary dungeons, blood, demons and all those nasty things since the first one launched on PC. I still have fun with Diablo II from time to time, still got my old character backed up from the early 2000s.

    Not about to play a toned down mobile version any time soon.

      Yep, all age$. They can’t exclude impressionable kids, they’re going to be their biggest piggy bank!

      Its funny, I felt the same way about Diablo 3, very much toned down from the masterpiece that was Diablo 2. I still greatly prefer D2 over 3 as well as other new titles that ring all the D2 nostalgia like Path of Exile... but still thoroughly enjoyed D3 despite its simplicity over its predecessor, not to mention being able to couch co-op with my daughters, D3 is certainly more accessible than D2, and simpler... but not necessarily a bad thing?

    I hope they fail so hard like Mass Effect Andromeda, and the negative press makes it an embarassment for fans to even play the game, so no one will touch that reskinned china f2p app.

      Why? It's a new product aimed at a new demographic. Yes they made a huge mistake with the announcement but why do you hope they fail so hard just for trying something new?

        If something is very successful they are more likely to head down that path in the future, its like when they realised they could make billions of dollars putting micro-transactions in their full priced games so they put them in almost all of their games.

        If this game is very successful I would expect them to divert resources away from the games we like to try and cash in.

          If this game is very successful I would expect them to divert resources away from the games we like to try and cash in.
          It sounds like they already are...
          Adham added that Blizzard now has "many of our best developers" working on mobile titles... we have many of our best developers working on new mobile titles across all of our IP"

          Why would they stop making the games you like, didn't they sell well too?

          Plus, it just means then there'd be a hole in the market for another company to sell great games.

          Great games aren't going anywhere so stop whining because a company is doing something that you don't agree with. You can't control what they do. Either buy it or not. Everything you're talking about is allusion and conjecture. You're working yourself up into a tizzy with almost no information. It's sad.

          What don't you get this worked up about childhood poverty or ppl trafficing or you know... something that actually matters and makes a difference.

            Are you sure you meant to reply to me? I wasn't getting worked up about anything.

            I was just hoping to explain why people feel the way they do.

            Blizzard are already a company that no longer makes games for me so I don't have much of a stake in the issue anymore.

              When did you explain why ppl felt that way?

              "If something is very successful they are more likely to head down that path in the future"

              "If this game is very successful I would expect them to divert resources away from the games we like to try and cash in."

              This isn't explaining anything about anyone else. You're saying what YOU think will happen. And I just think you're completely wrong.

              If you think they aren't going to continue developing Diablo for PC when (and this is a direct quote by the way, not my opinion) Diablo III set a new record for fastest-selling PC game selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release, and was the best selling PC game of 2012, selling over 12 million copies during the year. It has sold, along with Reaper of Souls, 30 million copies across all platforms. Then I just have no idea what you're smoking.

              So what you're worried about, if we look at the evidence and your own argument "If something is very successful they are more likely to head down that path in the future" is not going to happen. Wait and see.

                If something is very successful they are more likely to head down that path in the future

                The "more likely" is important. Sure, making a successful mobile game doesn't guarantee that they will continue making that type of game in place of others, but that is what is more likely to happen. What @piratepete is saying is just common sense: if an easy to develop, cheaper to make, outsourced game is highly successful, then it will be much more profitable to follow that business model and make more games like that than an expensive, quality game. And this is, first and foremost, a business we are talking about. Yes, Diablo 3 sold copies, but a mobile game riddled with microtransactions as they tend to do may still be more profitable when considering the lesser development costs.

                Of course, doing this would put their reputation as a company in jeopardy especially in the eyes of fans, but if they are already keen to make a Diablo mobile game "for all ages" despite it contradicting everything the IP is known for, then it is very reasonable to expect them to put their resources where the money is. And this is what many people are expecting, which is why fans are so apprehensive.

                Even so, I hope you're right. I hope they don't do this, but again, that really just depends on the success of Immortal. Neither you nor people like me who disagree with you can be certain of what will happen.

        Oh my........dude it's pretty simple. If Blizzard succeed with this model of game, they will most probably do nothing but this type of shit.

        Last edited 08/11/18 12:53 pm

          How do you know that?

          You don't. And by last count D2 and D3 sold pretty well. So I don't know why you're assuming all of a sudden they're going to do a complete 180 just because they're trying something in a new market.

            Because they have a demonstrated history of doing exactly what the OP said.

      wow, you seriously want someone to fail at something just because you dont like it? thats um um, petty. I personally hope it is a huge success and encourages people who normally only play mobile games to look out for the real game and make the franchise even huger. I guess that makes me petty in the other direction.

    This isn't for the people that love D2 or D3, its for the people that enjoy playing Dungeon Hunter 5.

    Anyone that doesn't enjoy those games can just keep on waiting for a full product. Which, despite all the butthurts, sounds like its not as far away as the doomsayers claim.

      Anyone that doesn't enjoy those games can just keep on waiting for a full product. Which, despite all the butthurts, sounds like its not as far away as the doomsayers claim.

      Do you have any kind of source for this or is this just an assumption because Blizzard is a company that you personally like?

      Surely if something was close they would have announced it?

        Just the recent stories about a D4 video being about. Original story was that it was pulled, with Blizzard then confirming its existence but denying it was going to be at Blizzcon.

        They wouldn't have made a launch video without a reason. Hence me saying, it sounds like its not as far away as the doomsayers suggest.

        If you want hard, solid evidence, I cant provide it. To me, the existence of that video heavily suggests its a lot closer than people think. You may think otherwise.

        That may still mean a year or more away, obviously I don't know. But I highly doubt its another 6 years to match the gap between D2 and D3. These days the trend is release those sorts of trailers relatively close to release.

          Has anyone seen the "video"?


              What video are you even taking about? I believe you are confused.

                The video discussed in this thread


                Theres a little part there - "Although we can confirm that the video was made, Blizzard disputes that it was planned for BlizzCon." - that says quite clearly that theres a video. They didn't dispute it existence, but that it was meant for Blizzcon. It exists.

                And if it exists, someone's seen it even if its just a handful of people at Blizzard. If people want to think otherwise, that's their call. I believe them, and for whatever reason, weak or strong, they didn't want to show it.

                They gain absolutely nothing by lying about it.

    Many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile and we have many of our best developers working on new mobile titles across all of our IP

    That's a shame. I guess the development of these titles is taking away from the full fledged games after all.

    Can't wait to watch the new Deadpool movie that's G so it can reach all ages!

    Or a new porno that is being developed for all ages!

    Or a new Doom that is being made for all ages!

    I know it shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but it is really disgusting to see how they're completely abandoning the old blizzard ethos (for gamers, quality first, shut down games that weren't up to scratch) for an obvious money grab, market to all ages to manipulate and prey on young kids who will chalk up $$$$ on their parents cards etc.... The investors must've been licking their lips when they came up with this idea.

    They're all probably scratching their heads wondering why this announcement has garnered so much hate. #outoftouchwhentouchistheonlywaytoplaythenewdiablo

      We had a good run dude. May as well just leave it at that and move on from Blizzard.

        Path of Exile welcomes you, Diablo exiles.

          Yeah I tried POE but I couldn't get into it. Same with Torchlight 2.

    What an absolute dumb move by Blizzard. Game Streaming is the future, all they had to do was wait a few more years and their PC games will easily be playable on mobile. What they have done now is permanently hurt their hardcore loyal fan base in exchange for short term gains. This is a suicidal move.

    If the goal is to bring more people of all ages into the Diablo community then I'm not sure I want a D4. Diablo series has always been a mature series, if they want to get use a mobile game as an entry point for kids then it is safe to assume that a D4 game would also be a kid friendly.

    My favourite thing is that Blizzard still don't seem to get that making it their showcase of Blizzcon was almost entirely the problem, not exactly the game itself.

    You run a convention for a company that was absolutely built on the back of a PC user base... Then your only real game shown is a mobile title, and then you have reps from said company basically scoff at the audience asking them if they have phones.

    The only people that would like that are companies like EA who would be jumping for joy going "It wasn't us for once!"

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