Domino's Takes The Piss Out Of Diablo Immortal

Image: Dominos Malaysia

Even the pizza is taking potshots at Diablo these days.

It's funny when something transcends the usual circles of gaming, and so it has been with Diablo Immortal. I've heard gamers who have been disconnected from the general cycle of news chime in about their own disappointment over Diablo.

One way of dealing with all of this is to take the piss. As spotted by PCGamesN, Domino's Pizza Malaysia opted to openly channel the Diablo Immortal frenzy with an image of a dude wearing a red shirt, a messenger bag slung over his shoulder, in front of a microphone, referencing Blizzard:

"Should've [made] it only valid via the mobile app," one person noted.

In case you're wondering how close the similarity is, here's the original video from Blizzcon. Shame Domino's couldn't get a blue lanyard or a grey messenger bag, but as far as cosplay goes, it's not half bad.


    Savage. This is how advertising should be done. It got my attention.

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