Both Red Alert And Command & Conquer Are Being Remastered

Briefly: EA has teamed up with Petroglyph to remaster not only Command & Conquer, but Red Alert and both games' expansions, all in one package. No word on a release date — the project has just started — but with members of the original Westwood team working on it, it should end up much better than a silly mobile game.


    This is just magnificent news honestly.

    Now, let them please give us a *real* Command and Conquer 4 and Red Alert 4...

      I guess if they do well enough with this, it'll sort of act as an audition for them.

      I can't wait to hear that glorious Hell March theme when it loads up. I hope they don't make too many changes to it, it's practically perfect.

        Audition? Petroglyph is the company made from Westwood vets.
        There is an irony somewhere here.

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