EB's Xbox One X Bundles Are Even Better

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

Microsoft's bundles weren't bad, but holy shit this Xbox One X deal is a cracker.

Priced at $549, you can get the Gold Rush edition of the Xbox One X from EB Games with eight games: Halo: MCC, Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1: Revolution, Battlefield 5, Battlefield 1943, Halo 5 and a month's worth of access to EA Access.

If you don't want the Gold Rush version, and can live without the Battlefield game on the Xbox 360, EB Games are selling a similar bundle through eBay for $568 (which will drop to $508.30 after 1700 AEDT tonight).

It comes with both Forza games, both Halo games, Battlefield 5 and Gears of War 4. That's still a cracking deal, and you can choose from the white console.

And as an added bonus, if you grab the black Xbox One X bundle, you can swap out Battlefield 5 for Fallout 76, if you want to take the plunge. I'd highly recommend reading up so you know what you're getting into, though.


    Nice - I do not think my wife can argue with that price.

    She'll try - but that's even cheaper than a 2nd hand one from CeX, and you don't get any games that way.

      It's funny because hand cex is all you'll be getting for awhile after you come home with an XBOX.

        Bravo, sir. A standing slow clap for that.

    I got this exact bundle.

    Traded in:
    - Refurbished 500GB Xbox One S
    - 2 of any Xbox One game (Destiny 1, which usually trades in at 0.75c, Project Cars)
    - and F1 2018 which has a trade in value of something like $19

    With my Level 3 card, I was able to save $250 off the entire bundle ending it up being a reasonable $300.

    Bar Battlefield all those games are on game pass. Amazon is better.

    Still not a good enough reason to buy an Xbox.

      Get out of here with that nonsense. Some of us like Xbox and there a plenty of good reasons. The Xbox X is a damn fine console. Fanboyism or girlism is toxic and yes I do look enviously at some of Playstations exclusives. Some of us just prefer Xbox.

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