Elder Scrolls: Blades Delayed To Early 2019

Elder Scrolls: Blades Delayed To Early 2019

Elder Scrolls: Blades, the mobile spin-off of Bethesda’s gargantuan Elder Scrolls universe, has been pushed back to early next year.

The company announced the delay on Twitter earlier this morning. Blades was originally slated for a release sometime this spring, although the city-building dungeon crawler will now launch in “early 2019”.

Blades was playable at E3 earlier this year, and Ethan found it sufficiently mimicked the Elder Scrolls style with its dungeon crawling and swordplay. “So far, at E3, Blades revealed itself as a tentative first step toward proof that the basic calculus of The Elder Scrolls can exist on a cell phone,” Ethan wrote.

Elder Scrolls: Blades Is Impressive, But Don't Expect Skyrim

I have a feeling that the Elder Scrolls name is going to be a bit of an albatross for The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a free-to-play RPG for mobile that Bethesda announced at E3.

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  • They can probably only handle so much negative feedback about ruining a tentpole franchise with an unloved spinoff in a short period of time

    • Let’s be careful with that kind of assumption. Witcher 3 and AC Origins were both delayed too and they both ended up solid. Still gotta wait to see how Blades is once it’s playable.

      • Fair call – I’m jumping the gun a bit. But you’re a lot more optimistic than me to think Blades is going to be much more than a watered-down Skyrim port riddled with MT. I don’t think any amount of delay is going to stop that.

        • I don’t think I’d say I’m optimistic, mobile games just don’t register on my interests at all. It could be good or trash, I’m just wary of pre-judging things I suppose.

    • Been thinking about this a bit lately. I believe it comes down to this… Developers are trying to take existing IP and ram them into this into mobile and micro transactions BS. Diablo immortals etc.

      When the Devs need to be developing new IP and ideas that fit it better, instead of wrecking an established “brand”


      • Publishers “need” to fully leverage their existing brands, otherwise what’s the point in a brand?

        New IP makes sense from a creative development angle, but misses the point to a publisher.

      • I’ve always held that a bad experience can only invalidate a good one if you choose to let it in your head. Mass Effect was a brilliant series and just because the ending might have sucked (I had no problem with it myself) doesn’t invalidate all the fun you had playing the previous games in the series. Ditto for a partner you have years of fun with before they cheat on you, those years were still fun and the only one who can rewrite that history is your own mind.

        That mentality extends to this kind of thing as well. A bad title in a franchise doesn’t ‘wreck’ the franchise for me. If it’s a game I don’t like I can just ignore it, it doesn’t have any effect on how much I enjoyed previous titles, or whether I’ll enjoy any future ones. That comes entirely down to a game-by-game basis.

  • Bethesda has already joined Bioware in the “I won’t buy or play anything they touch” category – they can delay this or ESVI as long as they want.

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