Fallout 76 Already Has Mods

Fallout 76 Already Has Mods

With only days to go until the official release some players have taken the initiative and gone ahead with some game mods for Fallout 76 before the beta has even finished.

While Bethesda is reportedly “100 percent committed” to adding mod support for Fallout 76 this is not the case during the beta. Mods were only to be implemented in the game in mid November, but the fans of the series have different ideas.

Community members have been working during the beta period to alter the game in the way they want, rushing ahead of the schedule Bethesda had outlined for release.

While it’s not a huge amount of mods, only a handful are on the site, but more are being uploaded at the time of this post over on Nexus mods.

It shows just how willing and ready the community is to sink their teeth into Fallout 76 and start to put their own touches on the multiplayer experience.

There’s the usual aesthetic mods which most games have , along with the more necessary utility mods and texture packs.

Mods like the Fallout 4 style map replacer and Fallout 76 ini tweaks are great examples of how the community want the game to look on full release.

Fallout 76 Already Has ModsThe graphics have been altered here, with Bokeh and DOF turned off, along with other small changes.

These mods are limited in their scope and will most likely be completely redundant come launch, but that doesn’t seem to stop the creativity rolling in.

In a way mods are a great way for the community to show Bethesda exactly what they want different in the beta, which is exactly what the beta is for. Hopefully Bethesda embraces the creativity in their community this time around and opens the game up for some real change down the line.


  • Cute, and to be expected (although what kind of monster would turn off bokeh?!).

    The real telling moment will be the first gameplay-affecting mods which are benign enough to not be considered ‘cheats’ but trip the anti-cheat all the same – and how Bethesda handles their response to this when it happens.

    When. Not ‘if.’

  • This is great. Maybe thanks to the modders the game might be already less buggy and run well.

    Then again what’s that about rolling a turd in glitter…

    • the glitter accumulates in the gut of fish and other marine life, eventually starving them as it cannot be digested?

  • They really need to improve the graphical options. Saying the distance blur effect is extreme is an understatement

  • I can’t see Bethesda allowing non creation club mods…BIG loss of money.

    Prepare for the cease and desist notices! Oh, and breach of EULA if they choose to prosecute.

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