Fallout 76 Gets 47 GB Patch

Fallout 76 Gets 47 GB Patch

Fallout 76‘s latest patch is now live. Bethesda had said it would be one of the game’s bigger ones, and at 47 GB on console it was, but the patch notes themselves are short, pointing only toward improved overall stability and handful of bug fixes.

“Several issues have been addressed to resolve hitches during gameplay and other performance issues,” Bethesda says in the patch notes. Anyone who’s played Fallout 76 in the last few days knows that “hitches during gameplay” is doing a lot of work, potentially referring to issues ranging from bullets magically missing their targets at point blank range to enemies falling through the ground, their bodies and loot swallowed up whole by the Fallout gods.

Meanwhile, the particular bug fixes are much more specific, including fixes to PVP events not triggering correctly and items magically breaking right after you’ve repaired them. At 47 GB (and 15 GB on PC) players were hoping for something more though.

Bethesda has laid out a number of fixes it plans to implement before the end of the year, including increasing players’ stash size, but there are requests for other tweaks (most of them reasonable and, in my opinion, good ideas) that also need to be addressed, with the list seemingly growing everyday. 

Editor’s Note: Aussie developer and Dark Souls hunter Lance McDonald noted that the PS4 patch is broken down into 11 chunks of 4GB files and a single 3GB chunk, bringing the total patch to 48GB on that platform. He added that there was a “delta” patch that will work for those who already have the day-1 patch installed on that console, however. Users on Xbox have posted today that their Fallout 76 patch is basically the same size as the original, while some PS4 users noted that their game downloaded an additional patch after grabbing today’s 47GB update.

Hopefully there are more patches coming soon, although could also mean there are more 47 GB patches coming soon.


  • There’s a lot not mentioned in the patch notes, eg. the frame rate has been uncapped and any timing related problems resolved. No idea why the patch is so much bigger on console though, that sounds like it includes texture updates.

  • This is what the NBN idiot should have been raising when he was trying to blame gamers, not the online play element.

  • Wonderful. Guess I’m not playing tonight.

    My NBN has been shit lately with downloads arbitrarily slow during peak hour while most other types of traffic are fine. I *was* planning to play Fallout 76 while I download BFV at ~150kb/s.

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