Fallout 76's Beta Framerate Is Now Capped, FOV Locked

Remember that issue with the PC version of the Fallout 76 beta where changing the framerate would break stuff? Bethesda has implemented a quick fix for that, and it was as easy as capping the framerate.

Fallout 76 Beta's Physics Are Tied To Its Framerate

So the faster your framerate, the faster you move. Which is fine, whatever in a singleplayer game like Bethesda are used to making, but not fine for a multiplayer-only release like Fallout 76, where changing a player’s framerate is as easy as entering a few lines of code.

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As PC Gamer report, anyone in the beta now is going to find the framerate for the game capped at 63.

The FOV is also set in stone, at 80 for third-person views and 90 for first-person. Where previously you could go into the game’s .ini file to edit these values, that now has no effect.

That’s a pretty slapdash fix, but then, this is a beta, not the final product. A more comprehensive solution for this issue, one that would fix the game’s engine while allowing PC gamers to make some pretty standard adjustments, is hopefully on the way. Remember that when the framerate issue was first discovered, Bethesda said “a fix won’t be out until the game launches.”

Fallout 76 is out on November 14.


    Not the final product, really? Are people still banging that drum?

    Suuuure, the beta is totally not a representation of what the game that releases in a week will be like.

      It is the final product, any fix (including this one) is a desperate hot fix cause your lucky you got that cause they said there was not going to be a solution till after release. (And offered no time frame)

      This wasnt a Beta, it was marketing gimmic.

      Two weeks out from release and they cant fix a game breaking bug out ofc the gate meansthey dont have the resources to maintain a multiplayer game or respond to critical issues like hacking, griefing or exploiting.

      ... then again their priority is their payday to deliver a working XBox version.

      Yeap, they fucked up. Didn't bother updating the engine until now. A joke for a game in 2018.

      Not with 1st day patches...they can go to the 11th hour with fixes if they choose too.

      I think anyone who thinks the flaws of the beta aren't going to be present in the launch are exceptionally naive, but it's worth noting that whatever they release at 'launch' (as they call it) won't be the 'final product,' either.

    That doesn't really solve the problem though, does it?

    It might stop people from gaining an advantage by increasing their frame rate, but it sounds like that would mean low end systems that occasionally drop frames will have slower movement speed than other players.

    So are we taking bets how long it will take haxkers to break the framrate and FOV lock out Hours? Minutes?

    Some work around this is but at least it helps for more stable gameplay.
    Though, this close to release date for the final game should have everyone worried.
    Bethesda's crazy bugs in single player is one thing but with something like this it's just going to be trash. This game engine is around 10 years old and they still can't nail it. Not good enough amongst todays games.

    I'm not going to buy this (if at all) until word on the released game is free of major bugs.

    Sick of Bethesda's crap and you should be too.

    So basically, the same fps problem which existed in Skyrim and Fallout 4 still exists in Fallout 76?

      And Oblivion. The “Not Gamebryo Seriously Just Based on It” Creation engine is just as fucking awful as always. Why Bethesda cling to it is a mystery.

    You know they can just dynamically change the havok physics sim to the framerate!

    This seems like a cheap temp fix, also what happens if people have below 60fps? do they experience a penalty of slow animation/hit/shoot speeds? not a all around ideal solution.

    Also I have no idea why they would LOCK the FOV and not just add in a GUI slider in the options screen like EVERYONE has been asking for, it should allow between 65-120fov change! (some people on ultra wide need the higher fov fyi).

    At 4k on my 40'' screen, a fov of about 96-100 seems right.

      Right? When I see games coming out on console with FOV sliders it blows my mind... The one in Red Dead Redemption 2 basically saved playing in first person for me.

      And Bethesda is probably the one developer who has been most screamed at about that shit, and still don't do it.

      Hopefully FOV will change. Narrow FOV can give some people motion sickness and thats just mot fun.

        Ugh, flashbacks to playing Borderlands… I'd never had such a problem until that game.

    I understand the logic of why they have capped it at 63, however what about those people with 144hz screens? Surely that has a negative impact on them (nice problem to have mind you).

    On a slightly unrelated tangent, I'm much more upset about my character being short sighted and having any further than 10m away blurry, why have such a large draw distance but then blur it out?

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