Fallout 76’s Bobby Pins Are 60x Heavier Than Actual Bobby Pins

Fallout 76’s Bobby Pins Are 60x Heavier Than Actual Bobby Pins

You used to be able to carry around as many lock-picking bobby pins as you wanted in Fallout 4, but Bethesda’s newest game has assigned a weight to them. And they are way too heavy.

LukyJoeKokomo did the maths (via PcGamesN), and worked out that if a packet of 100 bobby pins on Amazon weighed 68.04g, then each pin would weigh slightly less than 0.57g each (because you’ve got to allow for the weight of the packaging).

In Fallout 76, though, ten bobby pins weighs a pound, making each individual digital pin over 60x heavier than an actual one. Indeed they’re so heavy it works out that 60 pins weigh the same as a mini nuke.

It’s easy to see why this is – the developers obviously wanted to put a carrying limit on the item – but still. (AU Editor’s Note: the smallest weight for something in Fallout 76 is the 5mm minigun ammo at 0.001 lbs, so it’s up to Bethesda to explain why a bobby pin weighs a hell of a lot more than actual bullets.)

Fallout 76 has tried many new things, but over-encumbering you with hairpins is the one I’ll be remembering.

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