Don't Expect Final Fantasy XV To Get DLSS Now

We reported last week that almost all of the upcoming expansions for Final Fantasy XV had been cut, but there was another sad piece of news in that mix. Production on the PC version has been shut down as well.

The "special program" livestream announced that while the standalone release of Multiplayer: Comrades would be released on December 13 Australian time, that standalone game would not be coming to PC. It means that Episode Ardyn will be the last release FFXV gets on PC, which is a bummer for anyone who picked up a flashy Nvidia RTX GPU recently.

Final Fantasy XV was one of the games slated to use the neural network-powered anti-aliasing techniques released with the launch of Nvidia's RTX series, deep learning subsampling (DLSS). The game doesn't currently support it, although you can toggle DLSS on for the separate FFXV benchmark through a batch file. It's a bit of a bodgy benchmark, however, with culling and LOD scaling issues noted by GamersNexus back in February. Issues were fixed for the playable demo, but the benchmark still has problems today.

Support for DLSS hadn't been patched into FFXV just yet, and with production on the PC port cancelled its unlikely we'll see the fancy anti-aliasing technique make its way into the game at all. The game's lead programmer and technical director, Takeshi Aramaki, mentioned earlier this year that he hoped to add ray-traced reflections into FFXV , but we can kiss that goodbye now as well.

"We can’t make a promise as to when it’ll be released, but with the cooperation of the NVIDIA team, we’re putting much effort into development so that we can utilise Nvidia's DLSS technology for [FFXV] as well," Aramaki said at the time.

On the bright side, at least FFXV already has mod support. And even if the developers wanted to patch anything that uses new ray-tracing features today, they wouldn't be able to: the debacle with the Windows October Update, which enabled ray-tracing features in DirectX 12, has meant that everyone is still waiting for OS-level support.


    The whole story is pretty disappointing. DLSS would have been great (I'm looking forward to it in other titles) but the DLC cancellations are I think a worse blow.

    There's a rumour that the October update might be re-released on Patch Tuesday this week, but it's certainly unusual for Microsoft to sit on a pause for this long. I'm sure Nvidia will be keeping pressure on them too, since it's such an important update for their latest product line.

      totally OT to the article but I don't think it's unusual that the 1809 update is being held back, so far there's 2 major bugs that they have fixed (or will be fixed, I haven't kept track), both involve loss of data.

      they hosed whatever good PR they could muster and I think right now all MS can do to salvage the situation is to triple check via the insider program that the 1809 doesn't contain anymore issues before being released

        It's unusual in that it's by far the longest pause they've ever done on Windows 10, which has been out for three and a half years now. It's not just that they've held it for more than a month now, but also that they've been radio silent on it since it was pulled. I'm not suggesting that it's wrong to hold it back, just that it's unusual.

    Strange I've had the 1809 update down automatically since available and had no issues with it at all. As far as FFXV goes, I finished the game originally on PS4, and got it on steam just because I've got every other FF game on steam and its better to have these on PC then console. FFXV was alright when I initially finished it within 2 weeks of release, but it's worth almost nothing now. Will be a miracle if they actually get to a decent FF game within the next 10 years.

    That’s.. Literally not what they said.
    The standalone version of Comrades isn’t coming to PC because they’re just using the in-built one on PC with the new updates on it. That’s the only difference. They never said “it is cancelled”.
    The console versions are just getting the new (free) download that will migrate/transfer data to it.

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