First Set Images Of Hollywood’s Monster Hunter Movie 

First Set Images Of Hollywood’s Monster Hunter Movie 
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From the get-go, it’s sounded like Hollywood’s live-action Monster Hunter movie wasn’t exactly going to be a faithful adaptation of the popular games. Set photos continue to underscore that.

The movie is about a UN military team that ends up in another dimension which is overrun with monsters. Jovovich meets a hunter, played by Tony Jaa, and they join forces to save the world or something.

That sounds the first part of the movie will have Jovovich using modern military weapons but learning how to use more traditional Monster Hunter type weapons as the plot progresses.

Star Milla Jovovich has been continually updating her Instagram with set pics, which have mainly been images of modern military gear and hardware as well as Jovovich wearing a Slinger.

One Japanese Twitter user pointed out that Monster Hunter had already seen modern weapons.


These changes shouldn’t be that much of a surprise considering how the Resident Evil films spun off into their own thing.


  • This sounds and looks like a terrible concept from end to end and I can’t believe it’s actually being made.

      • I was thinking something similar.

        I have no problem with a movie where soldiers are fighting giant monsters. Just seems a bit weird to take a franchise which seems to focus on the fantasy side and chuck in modern weapons. If you’re gonna use an existing franchise as your basis then why not stay true to that franchise. If you’re gonna go your own way then create an original IP.

  • They’re doing great. I immediately think of Monster Hunter when I see those sets, they’ve really captured the essence of the game and understand the core concepts that players enjoy. Throw in a couple of furry little Palicoes in full kevlar armour riding Jagras laden with miniguns and rocket launchers and you can call it a wrap.

    I’m being sarcastic btw (in case the Poe’s Law trap card activated), the alternate world premise is completely ridiculous. The plot is already there, you’re a new hunter coming to an island to help with a monster problem and you progress from rookie to monster slayer. Hollywood plot in a nutshell. Honestly though, this would be better off being a live action adaptation of Gate, at least then it can have the dignity of having at least some semblance to the source material when it fails horribly.

    • Sounds classic anime to have a Portal Fantasy, but Monster Hunter never hade that trope… even nore recently that trope is being ditched the portsl and have the character get trapoed in VR world.

      Its trashy way to make the main character relateable, but realky cheapens the experience cause the protagonist is “alien” to this world so their is just too much exposition through conversation rather than action.

  • The movie is about a UN military team that ends up in another dimension which is overrun with monsters…

    Of course it is. Fucking Hollywood.
    Nope. I’m out. Not even looking for that ‘so bad it’s funny’value.

  • If someone had told me yesterday, that I’d be excited for the Detective Pikachu movie and not the Monster Hunter movie, I would have called BS

  • Come ON. It’s being written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. Jovovich’s husband. He made Mortal Kombat, and multiple Resident Evil’s. I mean, I enjoy his nonsense from time to time, but he’s essentially Hollywood’s Uwe Boll.

    • Mortal Kombat at least was decent. The first Resident Evil film was also not too bad in the scheme of things (the rest were meh). His track record is…okay, considering…not near as bad as Mr Boll. But having said that this looks horrid.

      • Oh, I agree. Death Race. The “Better” RE’s. Event Horizon. They were all pretty great in their own way, and far better than Boll’s best. But still, we must set those expectations to “shithouse” lol

  • I think this is where we all forget that Hollywood does not exist to make art, to meet niche desires or to slavishly follow canon or the source. The studios that comprise ‘Hollywood’ are a special kind of bank. And to that end, they exist to make money. And if that means butchering the source to give a wider audience unfamiliar with the source what they want, they will do it.

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