Frostpunk Is About To Become A Proper City-Builder

Frostpunk Is About To Become A Proper City-Builder

One of the few criticisms levelled at Frostpunk was that the city-building game only shipped with curated scenarios, not a more traditional (for the genre) sandbox mode. That’s about to change, with an “Endless Mode” due for release very soon.

Coming as a free update for existing owners of the game, there will be two ways to play it:

“Serenity” for the constructors who enjoy growing the city at their own pace without hard challenges, and “Endurance” for survivalists looking to earn their stripes and see how long they’re able to live in the harsh cold world of Frostpunk.

I’ll take Serenity, thanks. Humanity has been through enough in this game as it is.

In addition to the sandbox mode itself, there’ll also be some new buildings, new random events and new sites to discover in the surrounding icy wastes.

The developers said it would be out “within a couple of days” on November 17, so expect it any minute now.


  • Such a great game – gonna have to reinstall that for the weekend.

    I still bear kind of a grudge against the game for shitting on me for my decision to build a propaganda centre.

    Look. The description of the building said that it was for coordinating communication across the city around work schedules, notifications, warnings and other advice. It seemed benign! I didn’t know it was going to have red flags with black and white symbols on it, OK?!

    • It’s alright, I’m still upset about getting shat on right at the end of the second scenario.

      It just said to keep my seeds alive. It didn’t say alive AND optimal temperature at the very moment I cross the finish line. I turned things down slightly to stockpile resources BEFORE the bout of bad weather I thought that line represented… instead it just ended and said all my seeds died. I would’ve been fine if I wasn’t trying to be prepared for future hardships 🙁

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