What Would Your 1980-2018 GOTY List Look Like?

Everyone has their own ideas for a “Game of the Year” list. But it’s fun to take stock and see how acclaimed games have changed over the last three decades.

Just as a fun exercise, YouTuber Cussan has put together a short but sweet look at GOTY winners from 1980 all the way through to 2018. The criteria for “Game of the Year” here is largely personal and biased towards Nintendo releases – there’s a ton of games I would have picked ahead of Donkey Kong Country, like Super Metroid or TIE Fighter – but it’s a cracking list of games, and it’s just a nice nostalgia trip for a Friday afternoon.

(Small FYI: there’s a little RDR2 spoiler at the end of the video, so be aware of that.)

Most of that list is pretty solid, mind you. Apart from the obvious Nintendo heavy focus in the 90’s – I will argue Civilization 2 to the death over Mario 64 any day of the week, and that’s not an indictment on Mario 64 – what games would you swap out? (No Deus Ex for the year 2000 seems like a bit of a miss, but I can get the argument for The Sims.)

And what would your 1980-2018 Game of the Year list look like?

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