Get A $5 Switch From Click Frenzy [Updated]

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Ridiculous flash sales are part of Click Frenzy's charm and this year the site will be offering a limited number of Nintendo Switches for $5. Here's how you can get one but you'll have to act incredibly fast.

Between 10am and 11am AEST today, Click Frenzy is going to sell Nintendo Switches for $5 as one of their 99% Go Wild flash sales. There are a few hoops you'll have to jump through to get this deal. Here's what to do:

First of all, you must have an account with Click Frenzy and be signed in. So far, so simple.

Next you need to have browser notifications turned out. The deal will show up as a notification, turn them off and you'll miss your shot.

Keep the site open on your browser and keep an eye out for that notification between 10am and 11am AEST.

When you get the notification, you'll be prompted to enter a password. That password will be trivia based on existing sales going on the site. Above is an example from Lifehacker's liveblog of last night. So keep an eye on the rest of the site to get your best chance of answering that trivia quickly.

These passwords are finicky and you must use all lowercase and no spaces.

People have reported failure despite getting things right. According to the Click Frenzy Twitter account, that's because the passwords only work while the deal is live. Got to be fast.

Good luck!

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Update: As expected, the $5 Switch deal sold out immediately. Well done if you were one of the incredibly lucky people to get one.

For those lucky people - and everyone else with a Switch - you can still grab Joy Cons for $94 or Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! for $59 each from Amazon.

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    It'll be a waste of time, they probably only have like 5 of them, same as every year with these "deals"

    This will be like that $1 Xbox from last year. With only 1 being available.

    Already appeared and password didn't work, so probably sold out

      I got as far as a product page with the $5 Switch, but it was already marked as Sold Out... so yeah. Good times!

    I managed to get a Switch in my cart and then when I hit checkout, it said 'sold out'

    Kotaku, reporting on this kind of predatory retail practice is not helping. Let this behaviour remain in the squalid recesses of the internet, where it belongs.

      Yes, very strange thing to have a Kotaku article about...

        I'd lean toward not strange at all. Clickbait Frenzy probably wrote the "article" for Kotaku to paste in.

    A little off topic. But is there a switch for sale other than this quick sale one? I can only find xbox and playstation stuff.

    Clickbait and Switch would be a more accurate description of this "sale".

      Oops, meant to italicise, not quote.

    I am truly in awe at the outright insanity of everyone, when it comes to this clickfrenzy shit show.

    EVERY YEAR, the website crashes. EVERY YEAR, the huge ticket items, they only ever have one or two of. EVERY YEAR, people know how bad it will all be, but everyone still tries, expecting a different outcome, then the previous 5 years or so. And NOW, you have to jump through even more bullshit hoops, to get that single item. A trivia question?? REALLY??

    No thanks. I don't want to become insane, by doing the same shit ever year, and expecting a different result.

      Insanity, I tell you. IN-SAN-ITYYYYYY!

    I tried this the last 2 yrs. No more. I'm not a puppet. This whole thing is stupid and a rort.

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