You Can Get God Of War For $29.95 Again

Miss out on grabbing God of War for $29? Don't worry, the deal's back.

It's available here through Amazon, which was running the $29 deal earlier until stock ran out on Black Friday. The fact that you can even get a first-party exclusive - one as critically acclaimed and popular - this cheaply in the same year of release is a bit nuts, but it's an indication of how much the Thanksgiving-inspired retail holiday has made its way from the US to Australia.

Anyway, God of War. We wrote a ton about it earlier this year, and if you missed all that, here's the best stories:

God Of War: The Kotaku Review

There's a telling scene very early on in the new God of War, in the denouement of an exhausting battle sequence that ends with Kratos and his young son Atreus taking down a massive troll.

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God Of War Director Has Teary, Heartwarming Reaction To Reviews

Sometimes, it's easy to forget the physical and emotional toll that game development puts people through.

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God Of War Is A Great Example Of The Difference Between Sony And Microsoft

Almost a year ago, Xbox's Phil Spencer was doing the media rounds talking about the future of Xbox. The problem: the business model for game development was changing. Singleplayer, story-first adventures were just as important - but it was harder to justify funding them.

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God Of War Has Finally Grown Up

My most enduring memory of the previous God of War games is an uncomfortable university gaming session, wherein I sat amongst a group of men, watching a half-naked Aphrodite seduce Kratos.

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Head here to grab the deal. It's not listed as a lightning offer or with limited stock, so it should be around for the next few days at least. Detroit: Become Human is back down to $29 as well.

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    Picked it up for $29 at Big W. They also had Detroit: Become Human for $29 and Spiderman for $39.

    retail holiday has made its way from the US to America.

    That...doesn't sound that far.

      Does anyone proof read at Kotaku? Because I see this all the time.

      I’ll happily do it if you need someone.

    Worth noting this price has been out there since Monday in Big W whio Amazon is matching.
    EB, JB, Amzon, Target Big W, Harvey Norman all been running it.
    Most retailers have it in stock.

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